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June 19th, 2019

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Gender: Other
Status: In a relationship
Age: 21
Country: United States

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April 25, 2019


05/20/2019 11:46 PM 

CandiCait's survey :x

wanna hit this ranch?
i don't get u kids and ur memes

if u were any animal what would u b n why?
i used to think i was part cat, like legit, when i was little. now, i'd say i'd b a slug

current song on repeat?
i'm rly digging Moonshadow by Cat Stevens rn

what album will u never get sick of?
anything by Bowie or the Decemberists or MCR

movie/tv line u quote all the time?
"Most Excellent!" also "Most Heinous!" both Bill & Ted quotes lol

what was ur bff's best hair color?
tbh she recently went platinum blonde and it f***ing,,, kills

what is a word that matches the first initial of your SO/crush?
Ligaments, Sawdust

1 thing u would tell ur younger self?
dude, it will actually be okay one day. you won't be miserable forever. you'll be happy. also ur not a girl and T will only cost u $20 a month 

last thing to make u sad?
it's my 2nd to last week at work & i'm gonna miss my coworkers sm :(((

first & last words u said to someone today?
"morning" and "cya" to my dad lol

netflix or hulu?
ig netflix because hulu has too many commercials

twitter or tumblr?
tumblr tbh i don't get twitter

rockband or guitar hero?
i only ever tried gh that i remember

pokemon or digimon?
pokemon 100% diglett is pure and sweet

big bang theory or friends?
friends ig. big bang pisses me off :/

boomerang or adult swim?
boomerang tbh. i'm baby.

gen z or millennial?
i'm a millennial

what is ur aesthetic?
mostly emo lol but with some color in there

what is ur ultimate dream for the world?
everyone to love and accept themselves and others

who or what do u love more than anything else?
my dolls lol

describe ur orientation w/out using typical terms:
guys frighten me but i like them

describe today's outfit:
i havent gotten dressed for work yet so rn it's just a blue captain america T and blue gym shorts lol

describe the coolest place u have ever been:
this old cemetery in my town on the edge of a cliff

how did u feel about today's weather?
i haven't been outside yet but its' 65 and cloudy so i'm happy

last thing to make u smile?
uhh game of thrones finale lol

last yummy thing u ate?
just had fancy tacos lol

last person u kissed?
my little sister lol

420 y/n?
ye - i don't mind it but i don't do it often lol

biggest goal u have for this yr?
find a new job i love cause i'm leaving my current one

biggest wish for ur bff?
that things continue to go well for her! she deserves the world

biggest wish for ur newest online friend?
that his move goes successfully!!! and his relationship continues to be happy and healthy!


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