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May 23rd, 2019

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Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Age: 15
Country: Italy

Signup Date:
May 13, 2019


05/14/2019 02:23 PM 

Category: Art
Current mood:  aggravated

"and as i let hindsight translate nightmares into reality,

i begin to see myself for who i truly was:
somebody desperate, 
somebody entirely out of their depth,
somebody beyond their abilities to cope.
and as i exhale out the pain, 
i'm digesting the severity of the depression that i felt-
the extent to which it claimed a piece of me,
how it's left me emotionally and painfully numb,
and how, together,
my faults and my thoughts prey on me like vultures,
creeping from their comfortable distance,
never once exiting my line of vision.
and the facade i invite to amble whilst wearing my skin-
he isn't me and he never will be me.
and i know that i f***ed up,
but i want to grow from it."


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