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(a)bby the homicidal maniac

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May 24th, 2019

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 18
Country: United States

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July 28, 2017


05/11/2019 02:03 AM 

feeling sunk and betrayed

it's not really your fault

it's just years of placing rocks one by one on top of each other
and a sudden gust of wind could knock it over.
i'm wondering why you can never be kind to me
maybe i just have one of those faces that makes you want to dangle hope in front of my face and snatch it away when i get too close.
next shooting star, please wish for a heart because i can't keep talking to statues.
my therapist says humanising inanimate objects is bad for my health. 
but it's hard to shake a nine-year-old habit.
the tidal waves try to drag me down but my head bobs in the water.
one more crash and i might be sleeping with the fishes.

abby x


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