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05/09/2019 07:03 PM 

Everybody check the out the app verydice
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Want FREE stuff from Amazon? This is 100% free and you will never be charged a penny. Unless you decide to spend your own money on rolls. (I don't)

Here's how!

1. Go to Google Playstore or itunes

2. Search and download Verydice

3. Sign up using your Google or Facebook account 

4. Put in code 1145356 when signing up 

4. You get 50 rolls once you join! Roll dice, collect tickets and redeem your tickets for items you want. 

It's simple and FREE with NO payment info needed ever! This is a great app for expecting mom's! And if you need a baby shower gift or B-day gift why pay for a gift when you can get it with this app for absolutely FREE? You don't even pay shipping!!!!! 


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