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April 12, 2019


04/12/2019 10:08 PM 

How did I end up on the oldschool myspace knockoff? F*** if I know
Category: Real Life

Okay, So I'm part of a  ridiculous f***ton of groups on Facebook. One of them is this group called 'It's 2005 and this is cool as hell' . 

Someone mentioned this site there, and I decided to check it out. Not a huge issue, not a big story or anything weird. 

Then my brain hit this weird time warp and I went and checked my old myspace.

So. Many. Pictures. 

 Pictures of my children as babies, except I was off myspace before my son was born. Pictures of my siblings, God I missed those pictures. 

Then there it was. Pictures of my abuser. 

I can't go back to my myspace, although I'm sure I could probably create another one. But the format is like 120% different then when I originally was super active there.

I can't share things on Facebook, My family would be less than enthused to read what I have to say about... well...... anything. 

So... yeah. I'm fairly certain I will be keeping this mainly for the blogging aspect. Seems legit. 

Probably going to go delete actual photographs of myself though. Seems the safest way to keep myself half-assed anon. 




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