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January 6th, 2020

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 22
Country: Italy

Signup Date:
October 23, 2018


02/07/2019 11:33 AM 

Emo Survey, aka How little I know about a culture that I love
Current mood:  bored

Xx_Welcome To My Twisted Mind_xX

Part 1:

1.) What is your name? Chiara
2.) Emo, Scene, or both? Emo
3.) Post a selfie. Nah, fam, no pics from me.
4.) How old are you? 21
5.) When did you first become emo/scene? Around middle school.
6.) What’s your favorite color? Pink, black and purple
7.) Is it just a phase or a lifestyle? LIfestyle.
8.) Major labels or indie labels? Why not both?
9.) How old were you when you first starting using the internet? 13, I think?
10.) Are you more into cute stuff or creepy stuff? BOTH
11.) Do you wear more than one color? Yas
12.) Do you draw or write on your converse? I'd love to, but I can't DX
13.) Do you wear glasses? Yep, I'm myopic.
14.) Black dye or multi-color? MULTI COLOUR 
15.) Tim Burton or John Hughes? Tim Burton
16.) Do you spike the back of your hair? Nah, curls don't work well w/ spikes.
17.) Are labels restrictive or helpful?
18.) Nothing Feels Good by Andy Greenwald or Everybody Hurts by Leslie Simon and Trevor Kelley? BOTH
19.) Do you have any piercings? Do you want them? No and... idk, maybe?
20.) Do you have any tattoos? Do you want them? No and HELL YES! 
21.) Where do you buy your clothes? Internet
22.) What’s your favorite outfit? Don't have one, atm
23.) What posters do you have up in your room? No, one, but as soon as I have MY own place, I'll fix this problem ;]

Part 2: 

Xx_Cross My Heart With A Knife_xX
24.) Are you okay? No (I Promise)
25.) Do you have a diary? Yep
26.) Are you an introvert or extrovert? Ambivert
27.) Is it better to sound good and well produced or to sound raw and real? Raw and real
28.) What lyrics bring you to tears? Let Me Die
29.) Has a band ever saved your life? Yes
30.) Have you ever been bullied for what you like? What I like? Nah. What I am, on the other hand...
31.) What’s your favorite book? Too many to count
32.) What’s your favorite movie? See above
34.) Have you ever been broken up with? No
35.) Do you write poems? I'm not intelligent enough
36.) Are you a vegetarian/vegan? No
37.) Are you a straight edge? No
38.) What’s your religion? Atheist
39.) Where’s your happy place? My head
40.) What do you do when you feel anxious? Bottle up 'till I die :}
41.) How often are you on the internet? A lot
42.) What’s your guilty pleasure? My Bratz dolls 

Part 3 :

Xx_Rawr Means I Love You In Dinosaur!_xX
43.) Do you read creepypastas? Yes
44.) Do you have OCs? Yes
45.) Have you ever made an AMV? No
46.) Do You Watch Invader Zim? Would love to start
47.) Do you like Hello Kitty? Yes
48.) What’s your favorite Pokemon? Lucario
49.) What’s your Harry Potter house? Hufflepuff
50.) What Warriors clan are you? Never read Warrior Cats
51.) What anime do you watch? MaNY, AS OF NOW, i'M WATCHING bLOOM iNTO yOU
52.) Do you drink Monster? No
53.) What your favorite music video? *shrugs*
54.) What’s your MySpace/FriendProject? XxChiarikoxX
55.) What’s your DeviantArt? Chiarikopink
56.) Do you make Blingees? No
57.) MySpace/FriendProject or Tumblr? BOTH
58.) Vampires or Werewolves? Weredoggos :P
59.) Charlie the Unicorn or Llamas With Hats? Both
60.) What’s your desktop look like? A mess

Part 4:

Xx_Band Trash_xX
61.) What’s your favorite genre of music? Rock, punk, emo
62.) What’s your favorite album/ep? Toooooo many
63.) What’s your favorite song? Too many
64.) What’s your favorite band/duo/act? Queen
65.) Who’s a musician you want to meet? Freddy Mercury
66.) What bands do you/did you have in your locker? Never had a locker XP
67.) What’s an obscure band you absolutely love? Snow White's Poison Bite, they are (were) sh*tty, but i love them!
68.) What’s your favorite lyrics? Too many XD
69.) Guitar solos or breakdowns? Depends on the song, tbh
70.) Rites of Spring or Embrace? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
71.) Husker Du or Fugazi? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
72.) Jawbreaker or Lifetime? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
73.) Indian Summer or Moss Icon? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
74.) Braid or Hot Water Music? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
75.) Mineral or Texas Is The Reason? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
76.) Saetia or Funeral Diner? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
77.) Dashboard Confessional or Bright Eyes? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
78.) Taking Back Sunday or Brand New? Taking Back Sunday
79.) At The Drive-In or Thursday? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
80.) Jimmy Eat World or Paramore? Paramore
81.) Saves The Day or The Get-Up Kids? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
82.) HIM or Evanescence? Evanescence
83.) Circa Survive or Coheed & Cambria? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
84.) Silverstein or Hawthorne Heights? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
85.) Green Day or Blink 182? Green Day
86.) Fall Out Boy or The Academy Is…? FOB
87.) Alkaline Trio or AFI? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
88.) Senses Fail or Armor For Sleep? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
89.) Chiodos or Saosin? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
90.) My Chemical Romance or The Used? MCR
91.) Hellogoodbye or Panic! At The Disco? Panic!
92.) Aiden or From First To Last? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
93.) The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus or Underoath? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
94.) Avenged Sevenfold or Bullet For My Valentine? Both
95.) Dear Whoever or A Vain Attempt? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
96.) Attack Attack or Enter Shikari? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
97.) Dot Dot Curve :) or Brokencyde?
98.) Jeffree Star or Scotty Vanity? Jeffree Star
99.) Breathe Carolina or 3OH!3? 3OH!3
100.) Never Shout Never or The Ready Set? The Ready Set
101.) Escape The Fate or Falling In Reverse? Falling in Reverse
102.) Bring Me The Horizon or Suicide Silence? Bring me the Horizon
103.) Pierce The Veil or Sleeping With Sirens? Pierce the Veil
104.) Black Veil Brides or Asking Alexandria? BVB
105.) Everyone Everywhere or Joie De Vivre? Dunno. Will check them out, tho
106.) Lil Peep or Nothing,Nowhere.? Dunno. Will check them out, tho

Part 5:

Xx_In The End I Got An Honorable Mention_xX
107.) Who’s your favorite Emocore/Scenecore blog? ALL OF THEM
108.) What do you think of As It Is’s The Wounded World and Patty Walter’s New look? *shrugs*
109.) Which is better? Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge or The Black Parade?
110.) Do you think Emo/Scene will make a comeback?
111.) What’s your favorite B-Side?


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