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12/28/2018 04:14 PM 

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Here's the master-plan I've thought up to make scene comeback. 

We will need the general public to notice all the remaining "scene people". This means, rack up your followers on Instagram, Twitter, and even start YouTube channels. 

Make sure you are visibly scene before following these steps. If you are not scene/don't dress scene, try to start dressing scene! This will help this plan, too. 

Start by putting lots of hashtags on Instagram, and such (keep them related to the post). Comment EVERYWHERE. Don't self promote, though. Comment on everything, but keep it positive so you're not causing drama. If you comment everywhere, it will get you noticed. The explore page is your best friend. Make sure you follow all the popular social media stars, and comment on their posts too. This will rack up your follower count. Follow other people who are scene. If you are in school, or even work, try to follow as many people that you know in real life as possible. If you can, follow friends of friends. But beware! Always stay safe, and go with your gut. If someone doesn't look safe to follow or associate with, don't risk it. 

Start a YouTube, Twitter, etc. 

So far, the goal of what I've said to do, is to get the style noticed by the general public. This means making friends and mutual followers with, yes, basic teenage girls and boys. 
Here is a little comment + post guide. Let's start with comments. 

Things to comment
- follow 4 follow, anyone?
- nice post! 
- this is interesting 
- anyone want to start a groupchat?
- this is funny

post guide:
try to use as many hashtags as possible, while keeping it related to the post. quote lyrics in the caption, or wear merchandise so you have an excuse to put the band/musician/youtuber/etc as a hashtag. remember to always put things like #scene, #scenehair, #scenegirl, #sceneboy, #2000s, #2007, #edgy, and other things of the such. Try to see if any one is willing (preferably friends/online friends) to shout-out each other on your stories. 

- you may get rude or snarky replies, comments, dms, etc. ignore these. I know, it's hard sometimes, but this helps prevent you from getting a bad rep, and prevents scene from getting a bad rep. 
- remember to like lots, and lots, and lots of posts, especially ones on your explore page
- this will take time to work
- do not be rude, use slurs, be annoying, etc. this will do the opposite of what you want. 
I think that's about it! I'll edit and revise this if I think of anything else. To anyone reading this, please (with credit) share this with everyone you can, on all the social media platforms you have. 


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Ashton 死にたいくん


yes.just yes.

Posted on Thu Jan 03, 2019, 14:50



I've already started tagging all my instagram posts, posting like 5 times a day, and adding coon tails and stuff to my floofy fringe. Im gaining in popularity quite fast, and your master plot will go through. This cause is my literal life. XD

Posted on Mon Dec 31, 2018, 09:48

⋆✮eMiLy EcStAsY✮⋆


i'm absolutely living for this haha my middle school dream was to have the ultimate scene hairstyle, maybe i will if this gets popular

Posted on Fri Dec 28, 2018, 17:26

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