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March 19th, 2019

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November 21, 2017


11/08/2018 07:49 PM 

A Letter For Trinity

November 8, 2018

   Trinity, you made me feel the worst I have ever felt. Still, I tried to tell myself it was fine. You gave me a sense of happiness I might never feel again. Words can't describe the joy you brought into my life. They also can't describe the agony you put me through for months.
   I still cared. I never stopped caring about you, despite how much it hurt. You knew how miserable you made me feel, worrying constantly. You even know what it's like yourself. To think that you would treat a person the way you did is enough to show me who you really are. You changed. You're no longer the caring, understanding girl I remember. I hate that it had to end the way it did, but it says more about you than it does about me.
   So, goodbye. You gave me such lovely memories, and for that I thank you. I hope you're doing well, even though you hate me enough to shove me out of your life. I'm finally moving on, because I'm not letting you hurt me anymore than I already hurt myself. I want the time I spent with you to eclipse the darkness you put me through. I'm finally letting go.



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