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November 13th, 2018

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November 05, 2018


11/06/2018 11:19 PM 

Ideas for Adventures!
Current mood:  adventurous

December is always a time for preparation. Right now, I am making some lists of ideas, materials for projects, etc.

Part of my "adventures" include making things and giving them to other people. Often times, they are me and my friends wearing what I make as we do something meaningful together.

I create things because what I create is usually a part of my favorite memories. I wear my bracelets to drive-in movies, I wear my necklaces to bowling alleys, etc.

I wear my favorite things to my favorite places, and my favorite places are:
-Bowling Alleys
-Flea Markets
-Convenience stores (late at night) well as a lot of other things.

No matter who I am with, an adventure is always an adventure. I especially love going to my favorite places alone, because after all of these years I am finally my own best friend.

I create things for an adventure, no matter how small that adventure may be.


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