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October 31st, 2018

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October 30, 2018


10/31/2018 02:20 AM 

it’s halloween benchess

its hallows eve everybody!

 are you gonna do something interesting for this holiday? im not! school, therapy at 1:00 pm, dinner, watch yt videos and then sleep for 4 hours. yep, already have it schedueled. 
 am i the only one who haaaates routine or planning? because i keep hearing these people talk about their entire lifeplan, like it’s no big deal. i don’t get it, why would you ever want to plan your life when the fun part of it is that it’s so surprising and fast... some people just hate surprises, i guess. i don’t really blame them, it can feel good to have control over a plan, instead of just going with the flow. maybe they find comfort in the unrealistic thought of “oh if i write down my wishes everything will become true and perfect!”. i don’t find anything comfortable anymore, so that’s probably why this feels so strange to me. 

anyways, have a spoOoOoky halloween everybody~!


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