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January 8th, 2019

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Gender: Male
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Age: 15
Country: Poland

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August 28, 2018


10/10/2018 08:51 PM 

Friend texted me and didn't know what to reply him
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  angsty

In the beginning, I want to tell you that I have typed out this post on my old Nokia phone using T9 predictive text. If you wonder, my phone's WAP browser can still connect to this website. Trust me, Nokia phones are still popular in Poland, even among teenagers. So if I have made here errors, excuse me (because of phones' small screen). So I have today turned on the phone when I just woke up and I finally got a text from my best friend. I can't tell you what I have received for privacy reasons, but you should know that I was scared to reply to his text. I then have went through my morning routine and you wanna know, when I reached my school, my friend got angry at me and asked me why I didn't replied to his text. I lied because I was doing something very important. Then he has showed me his new phone, a motorola with it's 5000 mah battery, but I bet it still works shorter than my old trusty Nokia brick with 1000 mAh. I just need a phone and not PDA-style cool junk. I hate touch-screen keyboards with all my heart. So when school time ended, I have went to Counter-Strike LAN party and texted my parents where I am. I haven't got any chance (even though I can draw well, I'm good at CS:GO but I won't tell you my rank). And then, I has gotten back to home just after 15 minutes when my parents called to me to return immediately. Okay, I'm ending it by now. :wq


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