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February 13th, 2019

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Gender: Male
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Age: 35
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April 27, 2018


10/10/2018 01:07 PM 

Just some updates
Category: Art
Current mood:  cranky

So it's been a minute. I got a couple updates, so here we go!

Still working on the albums, and I'm over halfway through the covers album, which has a cover now!

I've been writing a lot, and I hope to have some more songs for my originals album, and a cover and whatnot soon! It's all really nebulous at the moment.

Over at WWR, I've taken on the making flyers jobs, and as evidenced by the new photo album, and I'm the one who shares them outside of Facebook. 

I still have one hip hop thing I do, my band Samhain Night Krawlerz.

That's me and Skratch. We've started work on a new album!

My boss has a new album coming, as well, and from what I've heard ,it's pretty good.

I'll do a blog post as more come, and post the artwork in an album, so it's more accessible!


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