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February 22nd, 2019

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 22
Country: United States

Signup Date:
December 19, 2017


10/04/2018 12:44 PM 

To The Person I Once Called
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  enraged

Dont expect me to forgive you so easily this time. You have given me sob story after sob story. You CONSTANTLY said "That person on stage is really how I am." but a few months after your apology, you: push me down, become overly critical of me, say you wish you never found me again, disown me, told me that I am the reason mom ended her life, BLAMED ME FOR YOUR RELAPSES, played favorites, stole, lied, and made promises to which you never fulfilled. You promised to keep me safe and you did the EXACT OPPOSITE EVERY SINGLE TIME. I forgave you too many times before. For FOUR GOD DAMN YEARS I said "It's Okay" pretty much reaffirming your behavior. I was basically saying "Its okay, you can still treat me this way.". I don't care how ANYONE sees you. To me you are a HORRIBLE person who wears the mask of a savior. You're no better than Donna OR Donald. And for the record, I am ashamed to have your genes. I am ashamed to have the Way blood in my veins. I am so f***ing ashamed to have ever called you my parent. I thought that my step dad was bad as a kid. You make him look like a SAINT in comparison. And you have admitted so many times that you would have abused me if you stayed in my life you f***ing psychopath. And you were right. You treated mom like this, why did I ever expect you to be any different with me! You said "We were both abusive". I don't believe that anymore. I believe that she was standing up for herself after all of those years of you treating less than a human being, constantly CHEATING on trust ANYONE after what you did to her.  And you "regret it" but then you turn around and shoved my face in the dirt OVER AND OVER AGAIN. F*** off. I hate you. You are a piece of sh*t and I cant believe I wasted four years of my life trying to get the love you never gave me. Drop dead motherf***er. 



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