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February 22nd, 2019

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 22
Country: United States

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December 19, 2017


10/03/2018 02:05 PM 

Retrogrades and Healing
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  enlightened

I keep seeing things on my Facebook page about it being a turning point in universal energies. Basically I keep getting messages saying there is a miracle on the horizon for us spiritualists and that the five and a half months of suffering and manipulation has finally come to a close from the Pluto Retrograde. As we begin to enter the Venus Retrograde, our relationships between our family, friends, and lovers are put on trial as well as our financial income. So lets all be prepared here, its not over yet. But good things are coming. We all learn and grow as the universe tells us how to continue down the right path in your life. Stay positive, share good vibes and motivational words. Stand up for yourself . Now is the time for rest and healing. 
Your spirit guides are there for you, hear them whisper. Your time to rise has arrived. You will find sanctuary and work towards inner peace. Look inwards and remind yourself who you are, you are unique in this world. You will discover fascinating things. Become the best person you can be. So mote it be. 

Blessed be to all my friends on here. Stay strong!


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