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July 18, 2016


09/29/2018 12:03 PM 

My room in fortress
Category: Real Life

I bought my residence

My room in fortress I took picture with my phone was sunny day out. Along with tokyu rail road company estate agency. Buying this room was applied. Busy days working at  manufactory and application, Ownership law / Real Property Registration Order applied, drivers licence to my ID. City district hall to police station Lots of application tasks to do taking off days while working at manufactory.
This place won't allow Yakuza, Japanese yankee,bouryoku danin, foreigner to reside or enter before reside must identify self and apply and comfirm law application not belonging to any of above mentioned. I as well did and applied.

Billiard room, drinking hall, laundry section, all inside fortress (Mansion)


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