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February 22nd, 2019

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Age: 13
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July 09, 2018


09/28/2018 02:43 PM 

Today Was Just F***ing Great

Today was f***ing fantastic, I made a new friend irl on my field trip today, I came home to see my cat, and I got f***ing dumped. I'm glad that I didn't have that sh*tty of the start of the day, if I had I'd be curled up crying on my bed. Right now, I just don't feel anything. I can't be happy, angry, depressed. I'm just nothing. I wish I could just sleep my problems away, just wake up and be okay. It doesn't work that way though, and it never will. Maybe if we were closer things would be different. I don't make a difference to anyone anyway. 

I want to sleep until someone cares, awake me with affection.


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