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December 17th, 2018

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Age: 18
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November 21, 2017


09/12/2018 08:09 PM 

Tiring Week And Even More Tiring Thoughts

September 12, 2018

   I'm just so tired. I'm stressed out. I have to work all weekend 8 hours each day for the next couple of weeks. I really don't want to do that. I'd rather work more during the week. The weekend would be my only time to catch a break.
   I'm going to miss the homecoming dance for a few reasons. First off, I don't have a date to go with. Even if I did, I have to work that night anyway. But like I said, no date, so I wouldn't go anyway. I really wanted to though. It's my last year of school and all.
   I really wish Trinity wasn't in my art class. I can't focus at all in there. Or I wouldn't care if she was, if she didn't treat me the way she did. I should just move on, I know. But I'm not exaggerating when I say she was my world. Now she probably wouldn't care if I died. Not many would, but I thought she was different. She could have at least listened to me when I said I'd like to stay friends, even after all she did to me. Now I can't stand to see or hear her. I never thought I'd eventually say that.
   I promise my blog won't be about her constantly, but it's not like anything else is happening. I have to see her again later today and I'm still not ready.


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