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08/03/2018 03:52 PM 

Drug Addiction

On this matter, please don’t go off at me, I’ve got my opinion, you’ve got yours, agree to disagree.Taking drugs for the first time, second and sometimes third time are a choice yes, but addiction is a disease and though it depends on who, MANY people who make the decision to try drugs and end up addicted do so because of their demons, their situation in which they feel like nothing will help them through their sadness, some do it because other people pressure them into it, some have become addicted to painkillers they had to take for their health problems etc and some just take really bad decisions, so I am no one to judge you if you’re addicted to drugs, and I believe you are in need of medical help. I will not look down upon someone with a drug addiction who is seeking help, however if you are not trying/wanting to seek help if you can, despite everyone telling you to, I will not accept your choice and will let you live your life but will in no way support you. I have dealt with drug addicts before and do not wish to be friends with any as I have my own demons and can’t deal with other’s demons too. I will however, if I see you are trying to get off them, support you, with all the means that go with it (I know fully about addiction even though mine was not drugs, so I know you will not necessarily recover fast, I know you might relapse, I know it will not be easy), I will encourage you. With this, I ask my friends though I do not rule your lifes, PLEASE stay far away from any drugs. 
Please keep in mind, I am not putting this up for debate, you may add your opinion to it but I am just stating mine and don’t want to fight about this.


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