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08/02/2018 07:34 PM 

Kerberos unit storyboard DIY Ashes To Bones
Category: Art

Storyboard of Kerberos unit my DIY music activity Ashes to bones will be reflected to my pulsesignal site along with pictures and DIY CD.Along with MI6 Kerberos unit map fortress coordinate systems.

I like film steamroller and violin by talkovsky and Fellini Satyricon
Nothing in matter of anime.Anime sucks..My DIY music activity will be short British military horror film.

Story board of Ashes to bones.

After riot and activist genocide in London UK. Peace negotiating was declined by capitalism. Politic were waiting for time to execute system with controlling brains using Military spec Resulted reduce of population. Against military side stating From Ashes to ground they kill all. City was nuked successfully. Tokyo 5times LA USA Self detonation. More than Coup de tat NSA/MI6 was onto.. America turned out virus attack from China. Parasite Japan was coordinated by GHQ to nuke each region to wipe-out Japanese next to Chinese both onto hands of islamic terrorist nations. Biological Warfare in China caused themselves to be dominated by own.. Somewhere Euro and UK. Program was Already simulated. Rest of the hands bloody cultures from volcano and tidal wave they deplete rest except UK/EURO


Kerberos unit.
SS White gang wipe-out youth. Dressed black military arms loaded. Self feed. Onto reconstruction Project. Kerberos favor necro play shooting dead bodies acclaiming ugly art results.. Playing with deadbodies and hitech western military firearms with no shame they slang to deadbodies. MI6 direct is Kerberos unit. Feeding information. Military build or uses castles and defense mainly operated. Fortress Kerberos unit acclaims it. To the defunct fortress restore to secured supply route.. DATA Assault is Kerberos unit objects. And Myself Yuto Hirata was successfully deployed to meet Kerberos unit. Seeing SS White genocide joys in Manchester after trashed Japan with GHQ Genocide mode with nuke... Step by step Yuto Hirata came up with Anti terrorist assault proto. With online opensource to MI6 molse signaling online himself was not sure they are obtaining information from himself or not. By the time I am deployed myself GHQ in Japan Semper FI. Wipe-out all Japanese race breakout I am loaded with mossad assault handguns and it would blow and detonate head if close range. 1British SS white and 1JFK white was Nazi kill rush along with MI6. You two received my info. Yuto Hirata craving for love from Manchester girl ... whos skinny black messed up hair with glasses very skinny pale. Fury one stating blonde took my emo boy away.... Military Airstrike coordinate we can report and if London is restored. We Kerberos unit must make salo.. for fortress soldiers brave acts of patriotism. Our selfeed onto MI6 Kerberos unit Yuto Hirata with direct senses. To the direction of Vatican.. where beautiful and romantic is... After making salo... To Italia.. from UK coordinate. Report top secret military Project UK to Vatican.. ... Where our love and romance are... this place will be buried... 3Kerberos unit member including one Japanese Yuto Hirata .. are onto coordinate to Vatican Italia.. with love...


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