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October 19th, 2018

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November 21, 2017


07/04/2018 07:15 PM 

I Saw Her Again Today

July 4, 2018

   Let me start off with this: there is no reason it needs to be this hot outside. It's really hot. Like above 90°. It has dropped by the time I'm typing this as it's only 88 now. But it has been over 90° for days now. Or maybe 80s and 90s but yeah, hot.
   Today I saw Trinity for the first time in about a month. I was walking around at the park looking for people I knew to hang out with. There were a lot of people there. There was going to be fireworks later tonight, and if you saw the date of this post you'd know why. I was there 6 hours early. Anyway, while walking I saw Trinity's mom. She waved and talked to me, saying Trinity was there. I was glad to see her and Trinity, it's been so long. Trinity was a short walk away from where her mom was, and she and I walked around for a while. But we didn't say much. I mean, we talked but it wasn't close to how it usually was. I only saw her for about half an hour as she had to leave. Which left me with nothing to do. 
   I have both closure and a sense of worrying. I'm glad I saw her, we hugged and kissed as usual, but the lack of words was a bit unusual. I blame myself, as I have absolutely nothing to talk about, most of my summer has been about as fun as watching paint dry. I can't talk. I kept worrying about her, and I keep thinking something is wrong, but I also have a tendency to overthink and worry anyway.
   The kiss goodbye hopefully isn't the only one I'm left with for another month. This is a reminder that she is here, and I have her. It felt so nice to be with her, even it if was only for 30 minutes. Any amount of time is okay after going 30 days without her. We should be doing something again soon. She said she is busy doing stuff or unable to see me. That, and work has left me unable to see her for about half the days of the month. I can't make it that long without her, never again, no way. It really hurts. I'm ready to see her again, closure is a great thing. I need to hold her again, and watch movies laying on the couch with her. I need to see her, preferably with a lot to talk about.


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