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October 19th, 2018

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Age: 18
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November 21, 2017


07/02/2018 02:46 PM 

I Remembered To Put A Subject So I Didn't Have To Retype This

July 2, 2018 

   Well, it's almost an entire month without seeing her. It's really taken a toll on me. I miss her so much. But, hopefully, I'll see her this week. I can't emphasize how much I miss her. 
   It almost feels like it would be weird. Like it's been so long. It feels like it's been forever. Way too long. I really don't like it...REALLY. I can't wait to finally see her...because again, I can't say it enough, I miss her more than I can put into words.
   Oh yeah it's July now...well then. This summer is going by too quickly and I haven't done half the things I want to yet. Hopefully things start happening. Oh, and the one thing I want to happen the most? See Trinity! I'm really trying to stay hopeful.


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