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September 15th, 2018

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Gender: Male
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Age: 26
Country: United Kingdom

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June 26, 2018


06/30/2018 12:51 PM 

My rare bout of creativity strikes again!

I am free,
With the trees,
And being part of the wind,
That I defiantly do not rescind.

Where is home,
Set in an ancient tome.
I do not really fear,
For what I truly need will always be near.

In between the stars is from where I came,
And many places between that and now,
But here everything is the cloned same.

I don't need to save you,
That much is truth,
For what you have,
Is within you.

Your power to destroy and create,
That you use every day,
With or without your mate.

Never forget that in your mind,
Is a power among many others,
The power of yourself to others bind.

Only you can give it away,
Only you can get it back,
Even if you are lost,
There is no greater cost.

Beyond the clouds of the mind and heart,
is working the power of intuition,
The deeper and higher self's go kart.

Trust it when it pulls you to one side,
Always bend an ear to listen.
For it is surely a brilliant guide.

But do no treat love like a frail force,
For a vital part of the universe,
Is so this creation's course.


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