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May 23rd, 2018

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Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Age: 18
Country: United States

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November 21, 2017


05/16/2018 08:09 PM 


May 16, 2018 

   I might do a survey on here because I think that would be something different and amusing for whoever is bored enough to be reading these. It would allow for a little more insight into who I am and what I like. 
   I'm not sure if I'll be working longer days once school gets out. I don't know, hopefully that's only a weekend thing. Although it would not be busy on weekday mornings and afternoons. It tends to be busier in the evening, and terrifyingly busy on the weekends. I just don't want to work 8 hours every day. 

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Im working over 10 hours a day at the moment, it sucks! good lcuk

Posted on Thu May 17, 2018, 04:14

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