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September 7th, 2018

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April 27, 2018


05/15/2018 03:46 PM 

More thoughts.
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As I work on this project( this is a VERY important project for me), I keep thinking of neat little things I can do with this, that I couldn't with the rap stuff. I've decided I want to do at least two covers on this. I think one will be Five Cellars Below by Blitzkid(Argyle Goolsby is a major inspiration to me) and one will be either a Michale Graves solo or Graves Era Misfits track. If I do the Michale Graves solo track, I'm thinking of doing Blackbird, and if I do the Graves Era Misfits, It's Either Die Monster Die, Descending Angel or The Shining. I haven't told him yet, but I'm gonna get my friend Donnie to do a song with me on video, and he'll be singing with me. 

So I've been thinking of resurrecting my old stage name for this project. When I was regularly performing and making this kind of music, I was performing as Vincent Van Ghool. I love that name, it's a tribute to a man who was a huge factor in my going the Horror route in life, and a cartoon that kept me from losing my mind as kid.  I was also suggested the name Damien Graves. 

I find that putting my thoughts here is helping me more that I'd initially thought it would. I appreciate you guys reading this and commenting, too, it makes for a confidence boost, and I need that every so often. 

So, I've almost got my Blitzkid cover learned. I'm gonna keep working on it, and when I'm comfortable(perfectionist, so may be a few days)You guys may get a video of Ol' Damien playing that. As it is, I have designs to throw down a couple videos of me playing some Graves/Misfits stuff. I don't have anything of the new material ready yet, and I'm not 100%confident of the old material anymore as I haven't played it in so long, BUT!!! You will get something, Reverend's honor!

I kinda wanna do a list of artists who inspired me to keep myself immersed in this crazy journey of making music, so watch for that.


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