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August 18th, 2018

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July 28, 2017


04/12/2018 09:24 PM 

Whisper "I Know Best," Mr. Better-Than-All-the-Rest

 Warning: This is really sappy. Also, I'm a teenage girl. I think that's self-explanatory. 

This is complicated. He's complicated. There's a barrier between us. It's also completely unreciprocated. I understand the barrier, really. It's a necessary barrier, and it cannot be crossed. I get it. It's really my fault for getting in too deep, and it's his fault for being brilliant. I've never met anyone like him before, ever. God, he's just brilliant. He knows so much about everything. I love how he goes on tangents, that one topic always leads to another. I think he could talk forever. I think I could listen to him talk forever. Sometimes I forget how much I adore him until I see him again. And then my heart swells. And he reads. He reads! That's so hard to find in kids my age. And dear lord, he's so funny. His sense of humour is just so witty, clever, and dry. And he's weird. But in a good way. Like a really interesting, fascinating way. I only wish he smiled more. When he smiles, the room lights up. It's really breathtaking. I swear it could cure disease. And when he runs his hand through his hair. It's amazing. It's amazing how these little things just make him more attractive. It's amazing how these little things just make me more attracted to him. I wonder if he notices the look on my face when I'm near him. The way my eyes shine when I look at him. I just hope my eyes don't reveal the truth. 

kisses and stitches, abby.


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