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July 18, 2016


03/10/2018 06:32 PM 

How is she doing? How shes feeling?
Category: Real Life

Today was off work im glad I have2days off without work day between. Bit hard to alright. Woke up earlier than workdays had to go clinic for myself to maintain. After I had my haircut same place. Same stylist.

I told her I gigged 3 times and my equipment and sound, as well as choosing band name. Sorts of my mind I didn't like band name. My equipment not powerful sounds. I left and quitted band myself. I stated we could make record label DIY with 1 yen as legal business and many people wanted to be famous instead 5-10years work and off days lets DIY creative band. Mind was student couldn't reached.

After eating pasta. I went to British pub hub. In that case "KADOSH. IM DRINKING JUICE. " Every one was watching soccer and I ordered fish and chips. I was kind of shy. I felt hows Ceri in Manchester doing? May be shes married. I was feeling lonely. May be I am not nice to think of her If married.Thinking about her pale skin and black shaggy hair and glasses. Skinny and very prank minded. Ceri is prank minded but very unique and original in fact very attractive to be with..

I liked British pub HUB. I do think back of my student times in 2009 Tokyo interacting with British girls. I felt I may be stranger in British pub drinking Juice. But I liked fish and chips and apple soda pop cocktails with no alchol.

Back in train. I was thinking of missing my fun memories in Student days in Tokyo and myself to move there, work etc. Or getting over that and stay in Sendai. Kind of hard issues for me. I don't get attracted to Japanese girl. Around 10 I saw British white in Southeast.

Today I received clipper organic tea. Orange and blueberry. Its made in UK and prices same as tea in supermarket. When you look to many food its matter of scientific ingredient and mass produce and feed. Clipper organic tea. Very pretty package designs and I liked the tastes. No need to say it tastes nutritional and chemically updated. Has to be. Tea. By hands like this.

I do lay myself on walls blogging now. My electric guitar and rackmount, start off zero audience my stage performance alone. Where to is important. I would blast raw blast mute onto sync. Rehearse to all.

My residence has to be remaining same affordable prices along with olympic Im estimating prices going up.

I wanted to choose color of flowers to put on Ceri indie kids clothes. Sitting next to her. She say "Die Yuto .. Die Yuto .." with numbers of flowers on her knee at garden park. I say Definately blue. Same as your country flag color. I would tell her "You don't know how attractive you are Ceri.. "


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