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July 1st, 2018

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Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Age: 18
Country: United States

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January 06, 2018


03/06/2018 05:56 PM 

The All About You Myspace 08 Survey
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  chill

[ Getting to know you ]
Name:: olii
Age:: 18 in 4 days!
Height:: 5"3'
Gender:: male
Birthday:: 3/10
Eyes:: brown
Hair:: brown
Shoe Size:: 9
Status:: taken~
Occupation:: retail
Hobbie:: writing, reading, singing, drawing
Siblings:: 2 little brothers
Pets:: none
Label:: femboy
[ Your favourites ]
Food:: angel food cake
Holiday:: halloween
Animal:: cats and snakes
TV Show:: star vs the forces of evil
Movie:: beetlejuice? i know i probably like smth else better but i can't think of anything rn
Drink:: strawberry soda
Person:: my boyfriend ♥
Season:: autumn
Day of the week:: tuesday bc it's one of my days off
Time of day:: midnight
Website:: rn i'm liking throwback stuff, webkinz, girlsgogames, and fp
Pizza Topping:: black olive
Chip Flavour:: dill pickle
[ This or That ]
Chocolate or Vanilla:: chocolate
Day or Night:: night
Black or White:: black
Fork or Spoon:: fork
TV or Computer:: computer
Pepsie or Dr.Pepper:: dr pepper
Boy or Girl:: i like boys lol
Hugs or Kisses:: both!
Mom or Dad:: definitely my mom
Flowers or Candy:: i like both but i love flowers, they're so pretty
Dog or Cat:: cat
Myspace or MSN:: myspace
Me or You:: me lol
This or That:: this
[ Your Friends ]
Boy # 1:: lucas
Boy # 2:: matty
Girl # 1:: hasija
Girl # 2:: rachel
Why did you choose Boy # 1:: bc he's my boyfriennnnd (none of these ppl are on fp btw)
Why did you choose Boy # 2:: he's my longest internet friend
Why did you choose Girl # 1:: she's in my nursing classes and she's a d*ck in the cool way
Why did you choose Girl # 2:: she's in my choir and she's funny
Best friend's name:: not to be that guy but my best friend is my boyfriend
Why is he/she your best friend:: i've known him since eighth grade and we've been dating for 2+ years and we're closer to each other than anyone else
Worst enemies name:: nah man i'm not feeding that kinda negativity
Why is he/she your worst enemy:: ^^
Do you have a lot of friends:: not a lot of close ones, but yeah
Do you have a lot of enemies:: probably, but that's not smth i'm concerned with
[ Your Room ]
Do you have a TV:: an ooold one but i love it
How about a DVD player:: i have a drive that plays dvds but it's not connected to the computer in my room atm
How many mirrors do you have:: one on my closet door and one handheld one somewhere
Do you have a closet:: ye
How many windows:: two
Do you have a couch:: nah, but i have one specific one i want
How many doors:: one not counting my closet
Do you have carpet or hard wood:: hard wood and a bigass shag rug
Are your walls painted:: nope
How about wall papered:: no
Any posters hanging up:: ye
Do you like your room:: mhm
Do you want to change it:: a little bit but i'm p content with it
What do you want to add/take away:: like i said i wanna add that couch, a couple posters/signs/clocks and maybe some glowy lights and sh*t but i already have a lot
[ Your Best Friend ]
Does he/she know everything about you:: pretty much
Can you trust him/her with anything/everything:: yeah
Would you trust him/her with your life:: probably
Do you tell him/her everything:: just about
Are you close with him/her:: closer to him than anyone else
How did you become friends:: i knew him through mutual friends in eighth grade and we officially met in art/photo class in ninth grade when we were assigned seats next to each other
How long have you been friends:: 4+ years or so?
Have you ever hated him/her:: yeah
Have you ever loved him/her:: i'm in love with him
What would you change about him/her:: i wish he'd be more possessive, maybe a little more pda in public but he's trying
Do you talk to him/her the most:: lmao yeah
Is your bestfriend single:: nah he's dating me
Is he/she older or younger then you:: a couple months older
Do you hope to be best friends forever:: absolutely
[ Get Your Cell Phone ]
Is your inbox empty:: yeah
How about your outbox:: my what
Who was your last missed call:: work
Who was your last recieved call:: my mom
Who was your last dialed call:: my college
Who was your last text from:: my dad
What did it say:: "cool"
Who is the first person under your 'G' contacts:: geneva
Who is the first person under 'S':: sam
Who is the first person under 'B':: i don't have any under "b"
How many contacts do you have:: 43
Who do you text the most:: over text and not any other app, probably either my mom or my brother
Who do you call the most:: my mom
What kind of a phone do you have:: android
[ Saying Goodbye ]
How do you usually end off a conversation:: "see ya" or "see you later"
What's your favourite way to end off a conversation:: "goodnight [bf name] '*"
Are you usually the first one to say goodbye:: yeah
Do you ever say 'see ya' when ending a convo:: lmao i didn't even read this question earlier ^^
How about 'ttyl':: not in a looongass time
How about 'g2g': ^^
Have you ever said this outside of an IM chat:: well, in non-abbreviated form yeah lol
Were you embarassed:: nah
We're almost done:: ok lol
Is this survey starting to annoy you:: nope
What did you like about this survey:: the throwback vibe
What did you hate about this survey:: nothing tbh
Did you like this survey:: ye
Will you ever take another one of my surveys:: probably
Take this survey yourself!


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