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July 22nd, 2018

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 34
Country: Japan

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July 18, 2016


03/03/2018 03:55 PM 

I want to collect tea.

I like drinking tea.
There are lots of teas,herbs to many kinds.
I want to drink tea offwork days to before going to job.
Imported teas from UK and Europe different designs of packages and flavor.
I will stock and drink while watching movies to creating my DIY designs and musics.

I don't turn my shower rooms light. I like the color of moist when light are shining from outside via shower rooms window

Nicoletta Elmi in Andyworhol Frankenstein and Profondo Rosso. Her behavior in movie inspires me. Likely against the humanity of generation.

My guitars and racksystems these devices has lots of feelings from me .I take care every days.

Preparing myself to do my music in Tokyo.

If I met perfect girl friend I want to cook together. I want to make her creative artistic and attractive . I don't drink or smoke as well as I don't ink mybody. Tattoo sticker for one night is alright if she wants me to be bad

Dinner to theme park. Sit next to me. I drink smoothie next to my girl friend . Hold my hand while sitting together landscape and Skies, my feeling does it reach to your heart? Let me sleep on your knees.I want to be perfect one for my girl friend.
Sometimes I think about Relationships I want to make my children like a pretty dolls of mine.

British girl attracts me.

To the Tokyo back again. Once money is ready
My music activity as well.

My sadness I can get over. Look to the sky with me? Sandwich and drinks lean to me if its cold. How do you feel? In silence together. I will be your perfect one. Forever with me,Lets make unforgettable memory together hold my hand strongly. I made flower to put on your clothes or hair. My pretty girl such a beautiful face and romantic don't need to speak. Lean to me. Forever your feeling inside my heart


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