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February 20th, 2018

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 33
Country: Japan

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July 18, 2016


02/12/2018 03:35 PM 

welcome to inside of my heart.
Category: Blogging

I am attracted to British girl. Indie kids. Ceri Prescott from Manchester I can't forget about you. Skinny girl with blackhair shaggy and straight front hair cut. Wearing glasses. Her skin is pale and Gray color . Very slim nose.I touch to the wall Im down to bed thinking of her visage.

I do feel depressed and sad. Such an ugly me and She whos very original and unique. She told me to watch movie together. She was angry about to start screaming to the film. After watching film. She was drinking tea and chillin.

She is not doing online profile now adays. around 2010 she was . Can find some one with same name but different person. I wish shes remaining as same Ceri I've seen and enjoying every day.

I want to marry with British girl who leads my feeling. If I have kids and wife.. They are dolls of mine. Such a pretty attractive dolls of mine. I want to dress them.. hold shoulder of her from front OK Ceri. I will work and make you beautiful be artistic stay attractive as you are.

I am just one lonely Japanese male who can't forget one time memory with British girl from England. I am saving money and working to getting cheap used estate for myself. Doing music and drawing, designing using computer and create my works. Moving to Tokyo when my savings are done.

I take shower every day after work or going out to comming back basis.I like color of moist when dim light from outside shines in. I don't turn on shower rooms light if its between early morning to dusk...Lucky Sky Diamond

Its 6 in the morning. How do I feel ... Such a beautiful face of her and ugly me who wants her to be only mine,forever.Making lots of unforgettable memory together. And I am alone.

Next offdays are still away from today.


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