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February 20th, 2018

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January 04, 2018


02/12/2018 01:15 PM 

Getting further through Bloodborne.
Category: Blogging

I really struggled at first but I've been getting the hang of it. I prob died most on Father Gascoigne but everything else hasn't been too bad. Blood Starved Beast was more intimidating than overly bad (Granted I did have an NPC hunter with me) and Vicar Amelia was prob even easier (Again though I luckily had an NPC hunter partner) I think both of those only took me 2 tries. Vicar was only 2 for sure. Beast mighta been 3 tries at most.

Either way I've been enjoying it a ton and am happy that I can get better at games if I dedicate time. Before I thought I was hopeless honestly.

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Lex Talionis


You might like Witcher 3 if you haven't played it...

Posted on Mon Feb 12, 2018, 01:53

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