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June 20th, 2018

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January 04, 2018


02/10/2018 10:21 PM 

Feel kinda alone still sometimes
Category: Blogging

One of my main reasons why I want a puppy. My BF hangs with someone who is a friend of mine too but he doesn't wanna ever hang with me like he used to. So it's basically me having to share my BF with a guy who lost some interest in being my friend. 

So when it happens I dunno I guess I feel lonelier. But it's still important to give my BF space. Otherwise he'll suffocate. So that's why we each have solo time. I'm taking the time to either work on commissions, play Bloodborne, or watch Trigun (Which I'm doing right now) But I do feel a little anxious during.

My friends are usually busy too but when I get Monster Hunter maybe people will hang with me again. However that's not the main reason I wanted the game. Even if they don't I'll still play Monster Hunter since it looks cool. But yes the multiplayer is a huge plus.


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