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June 14th, 2018

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Gender: Female
Status: In a relationship
Age: 22
Country: United States

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October 16, 2016


02/07/2018 08:41 PM 

Journal # 24

I have so much stuff to do today. I need to wash me and Kenny's cloths at my parents house, do the dishes, bring my cloths to Plato's clothset, set up our new coffee maker, go grocery shopping, and do our taxes. That is a lot to do in one day. Good thing I am up early so that I can do all of that. I added more music to my Ipod. I have a 32 gig and then I found my other sd card that was also a 32 gig so now I have 64 gigs for my Ipod. It's not a real ipod though. It is the knock off brand but it is better than a real ipod because it has and sd card. I can put way more music on this thing than I could ever put on the real ipod nano. I just call it an ipod because it looks almost exactly like the ipod nano. When I found that sd card I was so happy because they are expensive the higher the gig. I was looking for it before and I couldn't find it so I had to buy a new 32 gig so now I technically have 64 gigs for my music. I bought an mp3 player so that I had something that I could keep my music strictly on one device. This way I can add more to it without needing to have an itunes account or anything. It is super easy to get music on it. and put all my favorite songs onto it. I am a big rap fan but I like a lot of different types of music. I love to jam out to music because I love music haha well I should go so that I can get ready and take care of all this sh*t that I need to do today.


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