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May 22nd, 2018

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January 04, 2018


01/12/2018 02:27 PM 

I'm really into Devilman now
Category: Blogging

Not just the new Crybaby anime which was my first introduction to the series, but the original manga which I recently started as well as the OVAs that I'm going to watch soon. The manga is unintentional comedy camp gold.

Anyway on the day the anime premiered, I kept hearing people talking about Devilman and I recognized the name, I knew it was an older series. But then I found out the new anime just came out that day so I watched it. Thought it was a little mediocre (objectively) in ways but I still loved and enjoyed it a lot. It does feel a lot different than other animes. (I think the soundtrack had a big part in that) I wish it was a 20 episode series instead of 10 episodes. The Crybaby anime is like...a rough loose adaptation of the original story. They're quite different. Its OST, which I ordered yesterday, is absolutely amazing. I always like when I can enjoy an entire OST instead of a few tracks here and there.

My personal favorite is Ryo but I enjoy Akira as well.


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