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Gender: Female
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Age: 21
Country: United Kingdom

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January 11, 2018


01/11/2018 12:45 PM 

About My YouTube Channel
Category: Blogging
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---YouTube Channel---


I an an English YouTuber (born and raised in England) and my Em0MariaH3r3 is my main channel. My channel got started under a different name but then I rebooted it on Jun 2, 2017 but under a different name. I just recently changed the name a few weeks ago and I am gonna stick with it because I actually like it. I have removed them old channels though due to loads of my videos gave me memories which I wanted to forget, but now, as I made this channel, I am sticking with it because I feel like I can do so much on this channel than my other ones.

I changed the letters o and e into numbers, so, it originally says EmoMariaHere but I found that boring, so I changed it around and but numbers instead, because I feel like that it looks different, unique and to be honest, easier to find too.

On my channel I sort all my videos in curtain playlists because I feel like it is easier to find a video to be honest. I am very active on there now as I had to stop for months due to being massively busy but now I am back gladly. At the moment I have many talking videos and Xbox game clips teasers, but I have many video plans to come which will hopefully be fun. My channel doesn't have a theme, not all channels need to have one, I do more than one type of video.

But, if you like dog videos, my pup has her own part on my channel which is called Lilith's Puppy Channel. I named her after one of the many names, mother nature because it's a beautiful name and it really suits my pup.

But I am planning on doing a gaming channel when I get the equipment and figured out a name, which will hopefully be up and ready sometime next year. On that channel will be only game related videos, I will be playing Minecraft, horror games, strange games, rpg games, etc. But more about that channel will be coming out when I have the channel up and running. I am going to do broadcasting (streaming) on Twitch though, but, only once a week though, but that will be happening once the gaming channel is up and running.

I wanted to make a YouTube channel because I love that people who I know can get to know me more and see what I do, but I also wanted to make a channel because I feel like it could be like a blog or something different to be honest. I also wanted to make a gaming channel due to my love of games and the fun of games.

---Do I Make Money Out Of YouTube?---

No, I don't make money out of it because it is more likely a hobbie to me. If I want to make money, I will do an online store (which I am doing) and in the future, if I get loads of subscribers, I will start doing a little section for my merchandise for people to bye.

---Upload Days And Times---
Monday -12pm
Wednesday -12pm
Friday -12pm

---Videos That I Do---
Vlogging Time
Lets Talk
Shout Outs
Lilith's Puppy Channel
Drama Time....
Reacting Time
Q 'n' A's
Instagram Filter Fun
Xbox Game Clips
Room Tour
What I Bought
What Did I Get

---Channel Names That I Have Now Used---
Maria Marshall


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