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May 22nd, 2018

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January 04, 2018


01/11/2018 12:14 PM 

My art
Category: Art

Lately I've been trying to put some more effort into anatomy by using references. The reason I didn't before is it was so tedious to try and dig for a reference out of millions that would match what I want. So that's why 90% of the time I never bothered and just winged it. But since I got Design Doll and can pose my own models the exact way I want, I have improved a bit more. I still can't draw backgrounds for sh*t but...Anyway.

My art has been my escapism and coping for many years. In middle school is around the time I started having depression and stopped caring about everything like school and the sort. Not to mention because of my ADHD I had trouble focusing and learning anyway. It was an unfortunate combo that took a toll on me. And that's when I began drawing instead of doing work. I used to doodle sh*t Kirby and Pikachu battle/adventure comics in class. That was my main first step into drawing. Eventually after getting into Yu-gi-oh and more anime my interest in drawing increased. Consistent style is something I don't feel I have since I get bored doing things the same exact way (Unless it's due to artistic limitations in which case I do reoccurring things/flaws because of that rather than because I enjoy it) I'm always trying different styles. Traits of my work that do seem to reoccur from piece to piece is I tend to like thick eyelashes and big hair. I have many flaws like rough backgrounds, hands, feet, and the fact that my work varies in quality. Sometimes things still turn out awful.

There's times I break down and cry from depression and self hatred when I try to improve my art because I've convinced myself I'm never going to be better. There are teenagers out there who are better than I am now at my age after all. The last time it happened was right before I got design doll. Someone from tumblr linked me to it and it's helped me ever since. Sadly I forgot who they are now.

Currently I use a combination of Design Doll (If I'm in the mood to create references for myself), Paint Tool Sai for lineart and coloring, and Clip Studio Paint for additional coloring+detail+effects.

I have several sites where I post my art:

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к α y ℓ α


Thank you for sharing, I understand how you feel when it comes to art and depression. Your work is amazing!

Posted on Thu Jan 11, 2018, 08:54

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