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January 7th, 2018

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January 02, 2018


01/07/2018 04:34 PM 

School and other sh*t
Current mood:  annoyed

Tomorrow the holidays end and I have to go back to the hell we as humans most commonly refer to as school. I'm annoyed and slightly anxious because I just don't want to go back, the only thing slightly intriguing is that a new dude is joining my class which means I get to observe whether he flocks to the populars or tries to befriend others such as the gamers or the theatre kids. I personally do not enjoy some people at my school just because they aren't really nice people. Some are awesome but I have met others who are really rude. However, I have realized that I will be getting my hands onto an Epiphone phantomatic (that's a guitar for any of you who don't know) sometime next week (so from tomorrow until Thursday). I love the sound and it is just such a beautiful guitar. I look forward to playing it when I get home from school. 

I'm going to try to post when I can so that I find something to do other than the excessive studying my school requires. 
So peace out to all of yous

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Lex Talionis


Be careful with that model - the neck is a bit thick and somewhat on the heavy side and electrical issues have been reported. I believe the scale is 24.75 (some players don't like it). It has jumbo frets so that's good. The pickups, a bit weak. Honestly, there are better guitars in that price range. Play it before you decide and look at other fixed bridge guitars. Consider LTD or Jackson. And good luck...  

Posted on Mon Jan 08, 2018, 01:11

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