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10/10/2017 09:16 AM 

The Autumn Coronary, My Music Project(?)
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  dorky

This is me unofficially announcing that alongside my YouTube channel, I want to do music.

The Autumn Coronary is my baby, and I've been taking care of it for a while through journals and poems. The name comes from a book that I really came to love for it's mix of satire and education, Everybody Hurts by Leslie Simon and Trevor Kelley. It was a joke, hypothetical band name mentioned in the book.

For me, my "The Autumn Coronary" is just me expressing that there's more to the phenomenon of heartbreak than just "a girl." I almost did something very stupid on one of the last days of High School and I want vessel to offer something that's hopeful but not overbearingly so. Something that gives people validation and lets people know what I've experienced. Not blanket statements about how "life is hard." I want to weave some real stories of exclusion in almost graphic or melodramatic detail through composition and songwriting. I want something people will really resonate with.

But I shouldn't get ahead of myself. My first goal is to practice a few songs to cover, possibly upload them to YouTube. I won't give an exact date but it'll be occuring, I promise you.

The sound I want to achieve is underground indie/punk. My influences for this vision are Circa Survive, Bright Eyes, Hawthorne Heights, Sunny Day Real Estate, Circle Takes The Square, Brand New, I Hate Myself, and The Saddest Landscape. Those are my primary inspirations right now. Using the classical formula of the combination of the quiet and melodic world of music with blistering explosions (the ol' screamo/skramz foundation). Pretty underground sort of stuff, and most likely lo-fi because of not only my budget but preference (Sort of think Teen Suicide to get a better idea). 

It's also important to mention this means I'll be dusting off both of my guitars, Monster Mash and Azalea, for this. God... I haven't played the guitar in a long LONG time. It'll be fun to get back into the motion of it.

It'll be first for therapy and recreation, but I really do want to share some of what I do when it's done.

Also: I'm gonna be messing with the code on this blog and my profile. It's time for me to update it a little. Badly!


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