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October 21st, 2017

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Gender: Male
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Age: 100
Country: United States

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April 05, 2017


09/29/2017 01:47 PM 

Category: Real Life

Here's a nice cyber fart to distract you for a few minutes. To make a short story even shorter, my buddies and I were messing around in the studio making noise - nothing exactly "serious." Anyway, this dude who works there (sound engineer or some such sh!t?) has seen us a few times and we've exchanged some laughs and the occasion toilet humor here and there. Not much else, we don't even know the dude's name. Today, he wasn't around - a chick who works there said he was in the hospital from a botched suicide attempt because he was depressed and reasons. Dafuq?! Okay, I know life can be a malignant cvnt and there's always something to bring you down. It happens to everyone: school, work, relationships, financial concerns, you name it. We all have reasons to hang ourselves from the nearest tree. But a permanent "solution" to a temporary problem is no reason to blow your brains out, slit your wrists or enjoy a Clorox cocktail. It's weak, selfish and pathetic - and while you rot in the ground, those who you leave behind will continue to hurt. Forget the moral or religious nonsense - suicide is a kick in the balls to everyone who knows you. A spit in anyone's face who would like to help you regain your marbles. I refuse to believe that there isn't a single person you can turn to if things are really that bad. Unless you're certifiably psychotic (or too blasted out of your fvckin' mind to think rationally), you have NO excuse to kill yourself. I honestly hope the dude makes a full recovery both physically and mentally. And kids, if you ever find yourself in such a pitiful state, open your fvckin' mouth and talk to somebody. Give yourself time to think about the circumstances and how your action will impact others. You don't exist in a vacuum, so don't be a selfish pr!ck. Don't worry, you'll be dead eventually anyway. You have my word on this. Stick around a while and make the most of it while you're still able to annoy others. That's really what life's about. Enjoy!


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