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October 18th, 2017

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09/18/2017 08:18 PM 

iphone and creepy guys,
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  exhausted

i got back from mickey's not so scary halloween party today and it was really fun. i got a lot of compliments on my toon link costume as well as a lot of candy. by the end of the night and we got back to our hotel my mom had to make a 1AM mcdonalds run because we were both hungry and the hotels delivery service had just ended. i had fries and a shake and i forgot what mom had. we watched food network until i fell asleep. 

i had been thinking about upgrading my phone for a while now but had absolutely no idea what kind of phone to get because my hands are pretty small and i needed a phone i could use without much trouble (i previously had a 5c). long story short mom let me use her old iphone 6 and all i need to do now is find a case for it. 

i'm kinda glad i blocked christian. he was nice to talk for a while but then he got really creepy and out right admitted he had feelings for me, a 16 year old, and him being a 24 year old i was a bit...weirded out to say the least. he would call me "his uke" like i was some property or some sh*t. he would never use my name or anything just.. my uke is so cute, i love my uke... because we both like loveless and other "yaoi" anime. and in those anime the uke(bottoms) usually tend to be treated not like humans, but more like somebody elses posession with no real will of their own or ability to say no... no, on second thought i'm not kinda glad i blocked him, i'm VERY glad i blocked him before he tried any more weird stuff with an underage boy he met over a myspace clone...


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