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September 07, 2017


09/15/2017 07:30 PM 

tamagotchi and other things,
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  cheerful

i have two tamagotchi. an original japanese tamagotchi angel and a tamagotchi connection V3. i can't remember how i got the back off my tama angel and its batterys are dead so i can't play it anymore. but i got my mother to pick me up some 2032 button cell batterys while she was at publix so i could at least play my tama connection again. i put my username as "RITSU" (short for ritsuka, obviously) and named my boy tamagotchi i hatched "YOITE" (character from an anime i think i am crushing on lol). he just evolved into maruchi before i started writing this! on this day i became a proud parent. XD

also in animal crossing today the conditions were PERFECT for catching a coelacanth! to even be able to catch it the weather needs to be rainy and it must be between 4 PM and 9 AM. it took me over an hour but i FINALLY caught one as well as many other fish i needed to donate to my museum (3-5 sharks BABYYYY!!!!)

along with my mother we also dyed, sewed, and added the finishing touches to my toon link costume for not so scary halloween on sunday! needless to say, today has been pretty decent, haha.


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