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07/14/2017 02:15 PM 

wholesale Plus Size Lingerie

This wholesale Plus Size Lingerie super sweet idea is as airy as it is pretty, and it's a great option for underneath jumpsuits or rompers.

Sure, sure, corset skirts sets the ones below feature a little lace detail, but with a loose fit you get to feel all the flouncy, fancy fun you want.

One word: CHEAP. Another word: COMFORTABLE. Another few words: Always an option when it's way past laundry day and you don't want to go buy anything!

Plus, wearing your boyfriend's clothes is a staple of cute and sexy things couples get to do.

This old-school option is back in an unexpected way as both lingerie AND regular-day attire.

Double it into a night-out dress or wear underneath maxi dresses and T-shirt dresses, and you've got a pair of undies and a dress that will never let you down or fail to make you feel sexy.

Always mysterious, tights are a fun way to ~sexify~ a look and skip the underwear altogether. Plus, they surprisingly do add warmth and can be an appetizing surprise to layer underneath jeans in the winter.

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Classic M


I have "another few words," please go and spam somewhere else, in fact don't even do that. Nobody wants it.

p.s I hope your surname doesn't begin with a "T"

Posted on Fri Jul 14, 2017, 20:16

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