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February 19th, 2017

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December 31, 2016

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02/15/2017 05:25 PM 

"Painter," you...
Category: Art
Current mood:  amused

...feel okay mate? Meds not working?

Allow me to gift you the chronological order of events:
A) YOU sent me a friend request which I refused to accept.
B) I left a few of my poignant observations on your e-diarrhea because, well, I'm nice like that. ♥
C) Then, you got your panties in a bunch because the dude YOU wanted to befriend (me) did B?

Does not compute, lad. The next time you want to befriend somebody, don't act like a little girl when that other person shares his or her views. One more thing, Jimbo - I don't accept friend requests from meme accounts. Personal accounts, maybe - meme account requests go straight in the fvckin' toilet.



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