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06/01/2020 07:15 PM 


hi i've been asked abt how to do lil things i've learned a few times and since that one girl who made html tutorials is a cop bootlicker i figured id start doing my own ♥ HAHAYOUTUBEright now i don't know any other way to embed music directly other than youtube since kiwi6 doesnt seem to be working properly anymore. this ones really easy, just copy the link of the video you want and then go here: can change the settings and make it autoplay or loop, along with changing the size! then just click "generate code" and paste that code wherever you want it on your profile. just like a lot of things from glitter graphics, it'll have a link under it like thisif you wanna remove that since it's kinda ugly, delete this part from the code:and that should be it! :DPLAYLISTthis is also pretty easy!! all you do is go to the spotify playlist you want (only on the desktop app as far as i know) and click the three dots, then "share", and "copy embed code"when you paste it into your profile, if you see "*****" in the code make sure you replace it with "embed"! it should work after that. this one doesn't autoplay, but it is good to share more of the music you like!those are the only methods i know as of rn! hope it helped!! :-)


06/01/2020 06:26 PM 

Current mood:  chill

Eva's hot


06/01/2020 03:21 PM 

Current mood:  tired

i am so so tired. in the "sleepy" way, yes, but also in the "what a sh*t situation we're all in" way too.

thoughts, bored, tired, sad, angry


06/01/2020 07:53 PM 

what year is it???
Current mood:  thoughtful

how tf was 1980 not 20 years ago???? are we not in the year 2000? 


06/01/2003 10:26 PM 

i jus wanna go home !!
Current mood:  bored

im trapped at my grandpas house with nothing 2 do. i left my phone @ home cuz im stoopid so i cant text my bestie :( cant even go 2 mcdonalds cuz i have no money. 

i wanna go home, i hate it here, bored,


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