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Hazel Holloway

05/31/2020 12:49 PM 

Shameless Self-Promo
Current mood:  dorky

If anyone is interested in vintage fashion and lifestyle, check out my blog! Although not technically vintage, I'll be covering the early 2000s shortly since this site has me so much into my middle school nostalgia lol

vintage, history

emo jesus

05/31/2020 10:53 PM 



emo jesus

05/31/2020 10:47 PM 

Current mood:  sad

my body is deprived i havent moshed in so long, i was supposed to go to a bladee show three weeks ago im SAD :(  

acid1czer0 ★

05/31/2020 02:34 AM 

shuffle survey
Current mood:  crunk

1. A song that describes your birth?underneath it all - death spells (oh jesus excellent start....)2. A song that will describe your death?:lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - p!atd (wtf.....that's scary)3. A song that will/does describe your wedding day:speed of sound - coldplay (i like this song it makes me happy :) )4. A song that describes your job/future job:ode to sleep - twenty one pilots ("i will set my soul on fire, what have i become?" yeah)5. A song that describes your parents:supermassive black hole - muse (i love my parents tho. these are weird as hell)6. A song that describes your partner/future partnerlife in technicolor ii - coldplay (yes! they are very lovely)7. A song that describes your best friend:space song - beach house (my best friend is also my partner so it works)8. A song that describes you:linger - the cranberries (im just wondering what the hell this is supposed to mean. im depressed)9. Your current mood:dont lose my number (cover) - ninja sex party (yea, im pretty dancy rn lol)10. What people think when they see you:limo wreck - soundgarden (damn i sure hope not)11. What you want in life:don't panic - coldplay (an awful lot of coldplay. dont attack me. but yeah id love to be calm.)12. What your next breakup will be like:JESUS.....i hope i dont break up with the person im with because i love them a lot.but it's counting stars by one republic. dunno what that could mean. hope this post isn't prophetic


05/31/2020 12:59 PM 


Hey if you guys are looking for some really cool gothic art search victoria frances on pintrest shes amazing :))))


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