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05/25/2020 03:03 PM 

T3sting out how blogs work
Current mood:  curious

I'm kinda new to this site, and also generally the scene subculture, so. I figured I should test how stuff works!!! I know somet hings from my very first attempt, but you know. Point is, let me live and tell of my life when I want, I guess? These make me think of like. Live journal, or old school deviant art. At least, what I've HEARD of live journal. Being young on the internet is weird. I might talk about that more at a later date, but for now? I suppose that's all I'm going to share. I might wax a bit more poetically in the future, or type like the nuisance I am, with the 3-E combo. My e key has a tendancy to give out, so don't be supprised by what might happen. catch you all when I catch you.


05/25/2020 08:55 PM 


I take my pills and I'm happy all the time


05/25/2020 01:17 PM 


yus im still alive!! im just on tumblr =w= itz just meh scene blog!! not used alot.. hehe 


iliannaaa xp

05/25/2020 01:16 PM 

music rn
Current mood:  blah

listening 2 mardy bum by the strokes rn...


05/25/2020 12:43 PM 

Current mood:  tired

HAI. this iz my firrrrst postttt lol. can i just say how much i love gerard way? like. he is SOO pretty and so perfect an i wanna meet him so BAD.look at him!!HES SOOO ADORABLE O. M. G. id marry him if he wasnt married, in his 40z and if i wasnt gay LOLZZZ



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