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06/09/2019 12:44 PM 


I'm new here.


06/09/2019 02:04 PM 

happy birthday nozomi tojo!!
Current mood:  blustery

happy bday to my second best love live girl nozomi ahe was born on 69 haha nice love u nozo


06/09/2019 12:43 PM 

what more can i say?

do I keep or reject this ache?after this far, i don't know if this is what I wantI know I don't want them to takethe way I dress away from meI want to stay the samein more than one waycan I just pretend this is alright?when they ask what do I say?


06/08/2019 12:24 PM 

Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.



06/07/2003 09:22 PM 

bold what apppliess 2 uuuu
Current mood:  blah

bold what applies to youAppearance:i have blonde hair and green eyesi have red hair and hazel eyesi’m very tall my hair is really curlyi have brown hair and blue or green eyesi have frecklesi have black hair and brown eyesi have dimplesi wear contact lenses i tan easilyi have small eyelashesi paint my nailsClothes / Accessory / Make-up:i hate wearing flip-flopsi don’t have conversei wear foundation every dayi have stretch marks / tattoosi love wearing head bandsi hate wearing mascarai have at least one pair of vansi hate sweatersi love wearing high heelsi own brown eyeliner i love skirts/dressesi own at least 3 pairs of jeansi often wear scarvesi never wear necklacesFamily / Country:i’m the oldest childi have an older brotheri’m from South Americai know how to swear in more than two languages one (or more) of my parents is from another countryi have a younger sisteri have siblings that live in Asiai’m an orphani have family that live in Australiai know two or more languagesSchool / Job:i’m in high school i love historyi have/had a teacher that is great in explaining and actually teachingi got firedi know what i want to do in the futurei don’t do an extracurricular activityi learn more than one language i love mathi already have a jobmy grades are almost never excellent/very goodi want to go to college / university i want to be professional athlete / writer / artistI have:broken a boneridden a motorcyclea best frienda favorite songsung in the showerpunched / slapped somebody told somebody they are prettymy own rooma star crushpetskissed a girl / boy / someoneonline best friendsspent a whole night without sleepinggirlfriend / boyfriend / datefriendI’m afraid of:insects / snakespeople disliking mesomebody yelling at mesomebody finding out a secret about memy favorite character dyingstormy weatherdeathhaving to talk in front of peopleheightspainkissing somebody small roomsI love:sci-fisleeping until 12pmfluffy blanketsanimalsswimming / divingwatching movieschanning tatumpizzahot chocolaterunningbaking / cookingharry pottercold showersmy hairmy wardrobe

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