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07/31/2019 11:38 PM 

Current mood:  hyper

hi i just wanted 2 try dis out!! im babey


07/31/2019 06:30 PM 

It's been a while..

Lots has changed.I've been through too many guys in the last year, trying to fill the hole he left. I gave up on that and stayed single for about 5 months while I figured everything out and learnt how to be less dependent on having a partner.I'm with someone wonderful now, someone who gets me, who isn't abusive but understanding and empathetic, someone I can be open with and who I can trust to be open with me. Now that I'm not in such a bad mental state that I'm constantly scared of my partner hating me or leaving me over the smallest of things, I can truly appreciate the joy he brings to my life. I love him wholeheartedly.I got bullied a lot at college this past year, even by those I would consider my friends, about my style, the music I listened to, my hair, my interests, everything. So I changed myself. After being away from it all for a while, I realised that wasn't what I wanted and I didn't make that decision for myself. I'm more or less back to normal now, and I'm much happier. I'm learning how to not care what anyone thinks again.Things at home are.. difficult. I try to grin and bear it, but it's getting worse. Tensions are rising. I only have one more year to go in this hellhole before I can escape to uni and freedom. I'm thinking of going to Birmingham and studying songwriting/creative artistry! Things are looking up in that sense, at least..It makes me happy to be back on this site again, I feel safe to be completely myself on here.


07/30/2019 11:57 PM 

eighty years.

The room shakes; soon soon.The whiteness is to become black.The getaway car left far too early - the criminal, left behind.Left to answer the police's questions -his crime is unknown to them -a foreign concept.The silence screams at him for all they're yet to find.Bankruptcy. Petty crimes that all add up to make him the perfect candidate for a penthouse prison cell.Looking down from the imagined bars he sees what used to be.Where is his key? His lawyer?His innocence plea?Did he miss his trial?Who was the judge?Will he ever leave his cell again?


07/29/2019 03:54 PM 

lesbian drivel

my chronic shoulder pain is a goddamn nightmare nd i wish a cute girl would massage my shoulders bc they always hurt : - (i am so sleepy but have u noticed how beautiful women are like...holey hell !! theyre so stunning and pretty and they make me wanna craft bracelets immediately. i love u have some ...beads. i get so O_O around girls bc idk what to DO i just get possessed by the gay and im like oh f*** oh jeez yknow? it sounds silly but its painfully real. but at the same time i just..want to spend time with a girl bc i have dumb jokes and i know constellation things and i write dumb poetry in my dumb gay handwriting and it is just....wowie wow girls make me behave strangely

im fucking gay 2k19

Joshua Norwood

07/27/2019 06:24 PM 

Current mood:  angry

I've done nothing since my social anxiety keeps killing me inside... I wish I never have social anxiety but that's me. I get awkward everywhere recently and just want to be on my own...Saying that, I am being stalked by someone who likes me so maybe this is a good thing that I get anxious and weary of these things. Oh and I keep telling him I don't like him, he just wont stop stalking me-- it got to the point where I had to delete my alternate YouTube channel and I had to disable comments on my YouTube channel and block the guy on several social medias (thankfully he doesn't have a friendproject account or know what mySpace is!!).... why I do I meet people like this, oh wait-- I met the guy on Minecraft. That was a bad idea to actually tell him my channel name.Oh here's a chatlog (he found my vlog channel-- how unfortunate):: 02:06:06 <HTRN>                   i hope he sees this02:06:12 <HTRN>                   probably no02:06:28 <HTRN>                   i wish i could be with him irl02:06:34 <HTRN>                   but its imposbile02:06:41 <HTRN>                   and if i want02:06:52 <HTRN>                   i must flirt with him02:07:09 <HTRN>                   and hope i gain his heart02:07:41 <HTRN>                   this little chat with myself02:07:47 <HTRN>                   made me feel a little better02:07:59 <HTRN>                   i never felt something like this before02:08:14 <HTRN>                   its the first time i feel love02:09:35 <HTRN>                   i seriously love him02:09:46 <HTRN>                   but i dont know what to say to him02:09:54 <HTRN>                   i may tell him later02:10:03 <HTRN>                   but im scared02:10:08 <HTRN>                   he can say anything02:10:26 <HTRN>                   he doesnt want a "trought internet" relationship02:11:36 <HTRN>                   im annoying02:11:43 <HTRN>                   and weird02:11:51 <HTRN>                   but i try to not be annoyinh02:12:00 <HTRN>                   but i accept im weird02:12:09 <HTRN>                   what i could tell him02:12:17 <HTRN>                   tell him when hes in the server02:12:28 <HTRN>                   that im in love with him02:15:12 <HTRN>                   im scared02:15:15 <HTRN>                   im afraid02:15:24 <HTRN>                   but im strong enought02:15:29 <HTRN>                   if i can tell him02:15:35 <HTRN>                   im gay02:15:42 <HTRN>                   i can tell him this02:16:25 <HTRN>                   joshua02:16:30 <HTRN>                   if you see this02:16:41 <HTRN>                   i want you to know i love you02:17:11 <HTRN>                   i want to be in a relationship with you02:17:35 <HTRN>                   i want to talk with you02:17:54 <HTRN>                   also some * things that im not going to say02:18:08 <HTRN>                   unless hes okay with it02:19:10 <HTRN>                   im going to say them02:19:15 <HTRN>                   im alone02:19:23 <HTRN>                   he wont know02:19:28 <HTRN>                   probably02:20:21 <HTRN>                   i made some * art02:20:33 <HTRN>                   with me and him in it02:21:29 <HTRN>                   this is getting weird02:21:37 <HTRN>                   but we all have this * side02:21:44 <HTRN>                   exept asexual people02:22:01 <HTRN>                   i think im gonna stop talking02:22:09 <HTRN>                   and leave my confession02:22:11 <HTRN>                   in a chest02:22:30 <HTRN>                   this made me feel more confident and better02:22:36 <HTRN>                   and a little bit more weird02:22:51 <HTRN>                   he wont never join now02:22:54 <HTRN>                   this server02:22:59 <HTRN>                   if he joins02:23:06 <HTRN>                   and checks02:23:12 <HTRN>                   and sees the book02:23:23 <HTRN>                   that means he cares02:23:30 <HTRN>                   he knows i play here02:23:41 <HTRN>                   i love you02:23:50 <HTRN>                   im going to stop talking02:33:11 <HTRN>                   0w0 give me ur big *02:33:21 <HTRN>                   *02:33:31 <HTRN>                   daddy 02:40:59 <HTRN>                   im having a lot of * thought02:41:00 <HTRN>                   s02:41:21 <HTRN>                   i really want a relationship with him(i asterisked out all the possibly suggestive words out).I'm really sorry for swearing but... what the f***. I closed my private server a day after that happened. I felt really disgusted when I read them-- since he told me directly (on my old channel) that he found my vlog channel and that already creeped me out. Oh the guy asked me to have the server as a cracked server, I reluctantly decided to make it offline. Big mistake. People should buy stuff not pirate it. 


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