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08/04/2019 12:49 PM 

twenty five.

if i look too far in the futurei'll never smile againfor i never, everwant to live through that painand i know things aren't perfect;but this is how it's meant to be.and i know the earth'll keep turningwithout a thought of you and the words of a song:"i'll never forget you, and you'll always be apart of me"no matter what we've been through.the former words mean nothing,yet everything please, read into the next onesbefore it starts to stinghow easy it is to forgetending in far too much regretlet this be a lesson learnedplease, be very concernedmy mind. easy does it.


08/03/2019 07:46 PM 

good day

today, my best friend and i went shopping 4 one of our closeted trans friends!! we got her sum discreetly feminine stuff since shes mtf and idk, i guess i just feel really good about it!! now, im watching pewdiepie and my parental units r making pizza, its a good life!!also, im moving in a few weeks!! im so excited since the new house is closer to my school and a few of my friends houses :D its gonna be great


08/03/2019 12:36 PM 

Who Knew Arsenic Could be Blue

hmm. a couple days ago, one of my friends told me that my crush had a girlfriend. honestly im not surprised at all, she's really pretty and kind, but the girlfriend is someone that she had dated before and i thought had gotten over her? if that makes any sense. i don't know. i'm not really allowed to be hurt over this but goddmnt i'm hurt!! i've tried to get over this particular crush hecka times before but like. i guess im just stuck w it.  :))))))


08/02/2019 02:05 PM 

Current mood:  amused

i have seen the movie like 7 times in the last week??? and it's still the best, maybe because tom hardy is pretty but dumb and i love that, it's just a fun little movie and i have a deeeeep place in my heart for anything spiderman verse related, i love my intergalatic chaotic anti-hero parasite killing machine.i could easily watch an entire series  with eddie and venom just doing their own thing, saving the world and biting ppl's head (literally!!!), also another thing i loooooooooved was the weird noises and faces tom made. it really made the movie better. the thin hoodies. it's a fun movie and jenny slate is amazing, i could listen to her talk for days !!!xoxo


08/01/2019 09:48 PM 

Life is not very good

Things at home get worse every day, it seems.. I'm sick of hearing how much of a disappointment I am. I just want to feel loved, for once in my life,wanted for something other than a quick f***,needed, and not left in the dirt after I've served my purpose.I hate feeling so worthless, like my only job is to please others.I want my life and my individuality and my input to have value to people, but no.Obviously I don't deserve that.Obviously, somewhere along the line, I did something so abhorrent, so despicable,that the whole world turned its back on me.If my own f***ing parents, the people who brought me into this world, don't love me,who does?

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