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Ryan !!!

10/06/2019 06:12 PM 

theres sand in my eyes
Current mood:  creative

you'd walk all the way from new york to seattlejust to find me in a message in a bottlebreak the glass and glue it all back together, piece by piecemake the shards fit for the both of usyou'll get cut but it'll stay within youand even though its stormy weatheri'd swallow floods and cry thunderbefore i'd let you go foreveryour bones are made of sea glassmine of powdered shells and tackspin my skin on your wall until every inch is covered in holes from the damageirreversible and fragile to the touch but gorgeous for the time beingand like a leaf picked from a tree i willsuccumb to withering in the next few hours//heres a poem i made a while ago.. its pretty short but i hope someone likes it :)its not about anyone specifically.... or any place really.maybe a concept, a nod towards something, idk, idkif ur reading this - tell me what u think!-r

poem, poems, poetry, listening 2 ready to go by panic rn.. not that it matters but still lol,

Ryan !!!

10/06/2019 06:01 PM 

Current mood:  bored

bleh i dont even know what 2 writejust came back from being out for a little biti showered but my hair still looks kinda sh*ttyit always looks pretty sh*tty nowadays tbhjust cuz im trying to grow it out, im at a point where its just a big awkward middle stage and it all sticks up in weird placesughim feeling fine thoughidk if im hungry or notfor ''breakfast'' i kinda just...... ate soup crackers.oopsim liking friendproject so far but i wish there was more to do.......ah.....oh wellmaybe i'll upload a poem cause thats funmaybe someone will read it?-ry

bored, ah, im just gonna jam to my emo playlist now,


10/06/2019 05:01 PM 

Current mood:  overstimulated




10/06/2019 04:50 PM 

Figuring this out
Current mood:  excited

this site is so sick!!!  

Ryan !!!

10/06/2019 02:22 PM 

musings on msi
Current mood:  eccentric

no offence but mindless self indulgence f***s SO hard. like. jimmy urine?????? you cannot tell me that man wasnt on hard f***ing crack his entire life.he has the energy of a radioactive rat who knows how to do karate. literally what the f***. what the f***. i cant even look at a gif of him where he isnt going absolutely ham buck wild  on stage and its literally amazing. this man looks and acts like he makes coffee with monster energy and eats his cereal with redbull. the hair??? the outfits???? the dances??????????? a f***ing legend, if you willlinZ way is also extremely coolalso extremely unrelated but.just remembered i ran out of shampoo. f*** f*** f*** f*** f***. aw sh*t aw man

jimmy urine, msi, shampoo, oh boy,


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