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01/13/2020 09:37 PM 

Whaaat ????
Current mood:  confused

So I'm an INTJ Sagittarius Gryffindor?  

mbti, zodiac signs, hogwarts house


01/13/2020 08:56 PM 

Life goals
Current mood:  excited

After I move out, I'm gonna do a list of things:1) Get an ugly skinhead buzzcut just to redo my entire head bc my hair currently SUCKS2) Change my name legally3) Hit the gym bc I'm literally a noodle 4) Obtain the boyfriend of my DREAMS xD

whatever, nobody cares


01/13/2020 07:23 PM 

Fav quiz sitees



01/13/2020 07:08 PM 

Social media

My social media & [email protected]; [email protected] [email protected] for Psychology Assessments and 1on1 therapy session


01/13/2020 05:51 PM 

What's your Beauty girls?

Am I Sexy, Cute, Pretty, Beautiful or Ugly? (For Girls)Your Result: You are extremely Sexy! 80%Guys take one look at you and know they want you by their side. You're the girl that the good-looking popular guys date. Just be careful that a great body and appearance isn't all that you have, or your popularity will die out after you turn 21. 70%You are absolutely beautiful!!! 62%You're totally cute!!! 59%You're Pretty! 30%Sorry, you're ugly...

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