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01/15/2020 04:50 PM 

"Money can't buy happiness" is literally the biggest lie I've ever been told
Current mood:  discontent

Literally one of my biggest upsets in life is being financially restricted. There is so much I want to do, see, and achieve in my life and I constantly hit a wall where Money is f***ing concerned. To say Money can't buy happiness is just an outright f***ing Lie. F***ing bullsh*t.I have been unemployed basically my whole life, only ever worked ONE DAY's paid work. That's it. Nothing has come up since. Within nearly a DECADE of job searching, I have had a total of 3 f***ing interviews, a year or so's worth of work experience, and ONE job trial. In a DECADE. That is DISGUSTING. And do not even try to say I am not trying, because I am. But being a disabled person (moderate to severe hearing loss and bad eyesight) has severely hindered the type of work I can do, and employers typically make up their minds about me within the first five minutes of an interview because of this. They don't have to say that's why, that'd be discrimination, but I know...So Money is hard to come by, I get labelled a f***ing dole bludger, a leech, this and that. I don't get to buy nice makeup, I barely get to travel and typically can't for long, I'll never get overseas, and I'll never have the money to pay for the study I want to undertake to truly get where I want to go in life. And I'll forever be living in the f***ing ghetto, in government housing.I am almost 30 with nothing to show for myself, stuck living in the past and reminiscing on a time where achieving my dreams seemed possible, before unforeseen circumstances led to all that I had worked so hard for being ripped away from me.I do not want to reach 40 and still be in the same boat.I want more for myself.But I have already lost nearly 3 decades of my life in which I have achieved NOTHING.I wanted to leave all the Negative feelings and sh*t in the last decade, but 15 days into 2020, it's all creeping up again...

xX Just-Jac Xx

01/15/2020 12:45 PM 

!!disclaimer!! please read first!!
Current mood:  dorky

{heyy this is the admin!! i really thought it would be a good idea to state that Jac isn't a real person lol !! she's my MCR Revenge Era OC and i thought it would be cool to make her a "MySpace" and get into her character! feel free to interact with her and ask questions about her (use @admin when you wanna chat)! Irl my name is Kat and im 19! im really trying to not catfish anyone lol. anyways all of admin stuff will be in this purple and this curvy parenthesis! see ya!!}



01/14/2020 08:01 PM 

still trying to figure out how to use this
Current mood:  exhausted

so yeah i just finished all my hw and it took me a while but i'm pretty sure it's cause i kept getting distracted so it's coolalso i've been listening to taking back sunday all day and i really like them!! gotta expand my music taste more instead of like 8 bands and a few musicals lmaomcr really being cryptic again though,,, i'm really enjoying it, whatever they're building up to is gonna be so worth it with all of the buildup, and it's really fun to solve it all and create theories about what they're doing so yeah 

mcr, update, my chemical romance


01/14/2020 02:24 PM 

It's been a while!

Hoii!!Life has been busy lately, so I'm sorry I haven't posted in ages! Everything is well, though. I was thinking about starting to turn this into more of an emo-based account so probably expect to see some more content like that soon ♥Okay - just to let you know I'm alive xDE.E x


01/14/2020 12:10 PM 

Current mood:  grumpy

Currently sitting in math feeling like my brain is going to explode -_- Just send me to art school alreadyyy


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