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12/05/2019 01:01 PM 

Christmas and new years
Current mood:  worried

So it's been almost a full year again. It's going to be 2020 in about two months.  It's crazy how another decade has passed so quickly. It seems 2010 was a few years ago, not 10!   Also Christmas is coming up too. Sadly, a lot of my family for whatever reason, most likely jealousy and unreleased anger, doesn't like me. But I mostly just ignore it at this rate. Hopefully Christmas will go well this year.

My post, my blog post, christmas, new years

alina nadia‚ô°

12/05/2019 09:38 PM 

baby butterfly

hi, im alina nadia. i'm a musician, singer, and a poet.i like alternative style like emo, goth, punk,(guro,punk,gothic,fairy kei)lolita, victorian, mid 1900s pansexual and poly.oh yah i'm  a little  and my little age is 3.if you don't know what that is its okay.i think my spirit animal iz a butterfly, but i also like bats and bunnies and kitties too.i talk to ghosts and i am very intrigued by death..there is so much light in this world...but if you want to hold ityou must set out to find it.//anrgyangelcorpse

#butterfly, #introduction, #emo


12/04/2019 02:14 PM 

2day so far...
Current mood:  calm

hai!! this iz my day so far....i got a bad bit of coldsorez!! :(... i guezz im stressd abt my history paper but it suxxxx bc its a cluster of little onez n it hurtz when i pres on it which i cant help but do....but my burn on my knee is healing up!! i got it cuz i wasnt wearing pantz when i was working on my opossum head xD! alwayz make sure 2 b covered if ur working with hot glue cuz it hurts so baaaad!! but if u haz a little burn mustard helpz :3! i hate mustard tho Dxi still have 2 study 4 my bird bones quiz tho!! zoology iz a good class cuz its mostly studying quizlets n i actually can understand what we do!! but when we disected a piggie liek a month ago it was hard cuz i was alone on teh 2nd day and i was feelin low but the teacher helped me so i was able 2 understand where and what stuff is!! my test is 2morrow tho and i havent studied tho Dx..also star stable updated but im going 2 try and wait for next week!! i have mor sc naow and it soundz like were gonna b getting a new winter horse next week!!! i might buy teh ice unicorn horsie but idk.. but if i do i got a good name for it!!! gloryrunner is still best boy tho hes epic and is so good at racing!! i got a gold fort pinta medal with him once and so he wearz it!! i named him gloryrunner cuz hes a gold akhal teke!! he luvz racing across jorvik and is probz pretty confident!!i have my media class next hour and if i dont have anything 2 do im gonna work on my history paper!! im doing it over teh california wildfirez but hopefully wikipedia can count as 1 source but dif pages like in a book x3! it haz to be 1000-1500 wordz and i have about 850 wrote down!! ill have 2 reorganize it and probz have 2 write it down :(... but im close 2 done!! theres only like 5 ppl in my class but theyre all pretty nice so no anxiety!! but i cant read teh paper i gotta use a notecard so that is lame!!!but ive been thinking abt my feral felix fraldarius sooo much x3!! hes rabid and has fleaz and is like grr murder!! i luv fraldardydd sooooo much but i also love teh pain of felixs love 4 dimitri being one-sided cuz it just feelz sooooo real... but happiness is good 2!! teh angst hurtz but its a good hurt!! one fic was so sad it almost made meh cry bcuz it was so well written!!also i neeeed to color in my book project art but i hate coloring Dx... and for meh art class i haz to draw a building...... but itz looking good so far!!! im doing it in watercolor and for teh bright red im gonna use acrylic paint!! instead of white i used lotz of water with a little bit of red so then it lookz unique!! i have a bit i need 2 finish that iz dark so for teh windows imma use a little bit of white and might wipe some red over it :3! im not as mad at the art as i thought id be so thats an improvement!! also the pillars r gonna be white acrylic so tht it stands out!!this semester endz in a few weeks!! i haaate semester testz tho.. im so worried about failing media (even tho i bet ill just get a b or something lol) even tho itz easy-ish but i luv being in media anywayz!!!!! it feelz like it gives me a purpose to even go 2 school stuff even if i dont rlly help x3!! we do soooo much kewl stuff tho!!hopefulleh friendproject doesnt get blockt on teh school computers cuz i like it as another way 2 reward myself for finishing my work... but if it doez ill just keep reading bookz x3!! also if fp doesnt get blockt on teh computer ill try not 2 swear in my blogs so then it can stay sk00l friendleh!! but if it does i might say a swear here n there but this iz so wholesome and makez me happy so i dont think ill ever really swear!! or swear taht much :3c..thx 4 reading x3!! 


12/04/2019 01:08 PM 

omg!!! school stuffz :3
Current mood:  happy

turnz out.. friendproject iznt blocked on my school computer yet!!! that meanz i can enjoy my inner scene kid when i get my work done!!!!  hopefulleh it doeznt get blockt, but if it doez ill b sad but ill understand :(... but it cant keep me from doin mah work!!! cuz thtz more important sadly....... i still gotta finish my essay tho!!!!! wish meh luck x3!!!(commentz disabled cuz im shy!!!)also english pronoun rulez r dumb.... he or she is dumb sometimez!!!!!!!!!!!! they them their rightzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(...


12/04/2019 09:53 PM 

First blog post!!
Current mood:  blah

This is my first blog post, I don't really know what to do here lol :P

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