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(a)bby the homicidal maniac

10/07/2019 01:18 PM 

i bet i look pretty when i cry

yeah i get it i'm weak you don't have to rub it in my faceevery time it feels like i might be getting better life pulls a cruel trick and swipes the carpet from underneath my feeti don't know what i'm doing anymore it's like i'm walking into mirrors"can someone tell me that they're proud of me"at this point it's just pathetic to kick me when i'm downi'm tired of believing. i'm tired of trying. how do i not pour my heart into everything i do.sometimes it feels like i'm one gust of wind away from crumbling into pieces.abby

Ryan !!!

10/07/2019 11:51 AM 

Current mood:  blah

ugh, last night was no fun at ALLi, hungry mf that i was, got subway and i ate it way too fast which gave me what i thought was a stomachache but it was actually ~food poisoning~ so that’s great! i puked a bit and honestly it was just.. really bad painbut!!!! it’s all over now, i woke up feeling alright and i’m not going 2 class 2day so wooi’ve decided i really enjoy this’s rlly fun! things r pretty slow usually but logging on the next day and seeing notifs is nicei really feel like a true 2000s teen, lolalso last night (before my devastating food poisoning) i impulsively bought an MCR hoodie (it has the revenge album cover on it) and a bad suns sweater (if u don’t know who bad suns r, they’re pretty rad, check em out) and now i have no money in my bank account........oops, but totally worth it lolthe mcr hoodie is totally a bootleg off ebay though lol, their ‘official’ merch ain’t that great o.oi think today i’ll be a bit more productive than usual and clean my whole room.. it’s been very messy for a week cause i’ve been so sick :p speaking of that, i’m pretty much all better now except i still cough real bad :/ oh wellhope u guys have a good day too!-ry

food poisoning, i was in so much agony yo.....bleh, musings from my bed,


10/06/2019 10:31 PM 

Current mood:  animated

EEE i keep making layouts fo da blog and i keep remaking them cus its hard for my monkey brain to proccess, but i really wanna make a cool one that im gona b proud of and i cant seem to figure out how to change things to make it aesthetically pleasing, but i guess what ive figured out is good for tonite



10/06/2019 09:53 PM 

october survey!!!!!
Current mood:  cheerful

i thot this would b fun since im in a spooky mood ~OCTOBER SURVEY~1. What is your favourite thing about autumn?mann idk probably the cool weather and the leaves and also halloween what with the vampires and on sale candy n such2.  Best candy?i f***in love twix and reeses cups. sour candy is good too3. WORST candy??candy corn it's gross :(4. Top three halloween/horror movies?ironically enough i don't watch a lot of horror movies tbh5. What are your plans for halloween?dunno yet im probably gonna be working that day 6. Do you decorate?? If yes, how??OH MAN i have a bunch of decorations but they usually just sit out all year long bc it's my favorite. i got plastic bones and tiny gravestones and little skeletons that are in weird places in my room lol7. If you had to be best friends with a halloween-y creature (vampire, werewolf, zombie, etc.) what would they be?i'm already sort of dating a vampire so i meaan wygd 8. Do you like any halloween or ~spooky~ themed songs??i love bullets and three cheers does that count xD9. What's your worst fear?heights and. the ocean. AND DOLLS. i can't f***in stand dolls 10. What are your opinions on: candy corn, black liquorice, and circus peanuts?they all nasty 11. What urban legend freaks you out the most? dunno i don't think im easily scared [shrug]12. Haunted houses--yay or nay?YISSS13. And finally, what are you being for halloween???a vampire as always 

october survey, october, survey, halloween, spooky


10/06/2019 08:19 PM 




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