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08/11/2019 01:17 PM 

oh you know

my mind is just a constant 24/7 loop of bowling for soup's cover of stacy's mom and by god if it isn't that it's pure silence except for the sound of the wind blowing a tumble weed and a loud but distance yeehaw

Joshua Norwood

08/09/2019 04:38 PM 

Josh's Garlic Challenge!

Hey all! Make sure to check out my garlic challenge here! It was a bit messy and my eyebrows where terrible but it's funny!!! love you all!!

challenge, youtube, garlic, funny,

ru ben

08/09/2019 01:36 PM 


so liek im a kinnie.... yeah a quick kinlist 4 yall~vampire ! bl00d succin vampir :3goat ! i luv my fluffy gøät earz & hornz -!a kitty! imma kitty grl! i experience phantom ears n tail ,,,, also a bat! batty bat~ white qt bby bat-movin onto fiction kins!i feel a strong bond w/ hannibal lecter but i dnt exactly kin him.....celeste ludenberg from danganronpa s a big big yez! i love her and i kin her. gambling baby grrl~das all !luv, ben ~

kin kinnie otherkin fictionkin kinlist

Warper I'akta (Troy)

08/08/2019 02:53 PM 


Yes, I is a filthy kinnie. Don't Judge  gndgknf. Anyways, here's some of my Kins: I'ekota the Voidwalker - Borderlands (PreSeq, 2, Tales, 3)/BattlebornTobi - - OverwatchPastel Scene!Gaz - Invader ZimTroy Calypso - Borderlands 3I'll update this post if there's any more I wanna add!

Joshua Norwood

08/08/2019 08:19 PM 

Bleaching my hair again!!!!!
Current mood:  ecstatic

Oh my goshshhhh i had SOOO much fun doing this, though I was dissapointed by my eyebrows (since they bleached a bit too much more than my hair bleached but it's practice, next time I'll use a bit less time!!) But it was fun and you can see the result in my latest youtube video down below!!!!

youtube,bleach,hair,video,hair bleach,bleaching,funny,eyebrows,beauty,

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