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12/05/2019 08:04 PM 

my work 4 2day...
Current mood:  calm

hai!! 2day i feel like sharing my schedule 4 school and what i got 2 do 2day.....1. put history work on paper!!2. study 4 zoology!!!!3. color my book project if i have time!!4. probz will have math work 2 do :(...5. play dergun town w my child :)!!i might have 2 study during my english class if i get time....... cuz my test is over bird bones and i havent studied at alllll!!!!!!!!!!! teh test is 2day and 2morro my book project and history paper r due

(a)bby the homicidal maniac

12/05/2019 04:56 AM 

Let Me Be One of Your So-Called Goddesses

i prefer hard liquor to wine but i admit i'll still miss your taste.once again circumstances force me to extinguish the smallest flame.(as if you're not just a cheap imitation--a second choice--a last resort when i couldn't get what i really wanted.)day in and day out i search for empty eyes, cold hands, and worthless hearts... none of them even come close to his. (then-what-the-hell-is-my-goal)because i want to be wanted and i crave your attention.because i crave any me plunge into the rocky waters for any eyes or bodies to follow my form. "if you didn't want anyone to listen, why did you say anything at all?"well call me mr. ross because damn, sisky. on that note, i'm moving to maine. drop my name in a magazine, honey, and i'll be at your beck and, i don't need voltaire to tell me that this isn't the best of all lack of you makes it clear enough.- i want. and i don't know how to stop wanting.


12/05/2019 04:43 PM 

Current mood:  tired

So it seems I forgot how to edit HTML, and now my blog pictures are a mess. My plan to add songs to my profile from yesterday backfired.   I think I need to learn how to use HTML again.


12/05/2019 03:58 PM 

first post thingy!! :3
Current mood:  cookywacky

aaaaaaaaaaa my first post!! i dunno what 2 say lolz... haiiii!!! uhh my name is nick (or nico or nicki or whatever idc XD) ehehehe oh no how do i stop typinh in italics


12/05/2019 03:19 PM 

Spotify Wrapped 2019
Current mood:  tired

So my friends and I are looking at our top Spotify lists, and I'm currently waiting for mine load. I'm a bit excited to see what my top songs and artists are, though I probably know what most of them are, it's still exciting. UPDATE:My top artists according to Spotify isCobra StarshipFall Out BoyPanic! At The DiscoMy Chemical RomanceThe Academy Is...Which isn't quite accurate. Switch Panic! with Cobra, and switch MCR with Cobra and it would be more accurate. Good try Spotify trying to order them correctly. 

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