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Nova Nightmares

02/02/2019 12:54 PM 

New Youtube Channel...
Current mood:  happy

So... I recently started an emo/scene Youtube channel.. So thats pretty cool! I'm just WAITING for the hate to roll in. XD

link to my channel if anyone wants to check it out:


02/02/2019 12:26 PM 

changin up my theme

gonna be more colorful now bitchez >w<

Vincent Van Ghool

02/01/2019 03:31 PM 

So I get the Live Playthrough done!
Current mood:  accomplished

...And here it is, This is me playing Beyond the Stars!


Vincent Van Ghool

02/01/2019 03:26 PM 

I did the Live playthrough of Beyond the Stars!
Current mood:  accomplished

Here it is! Me playing Beyond the Stars!!


Jai Gehenna

01/31/2019 07:35 PM 

Friends Onlyyy
Current mood:  stressed

I'm going to making my blog and pretty much everything on my profile "Friends Only" so if you think you deserve to see what I'm posting or whatever, message me and I will make my judgment. So basically... If I don't know you, f*** off, unless you can find a way to befriend me.

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