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09/14/2011 05: AM 

wtf? LOL!

I shouldn't be awake! It's 5am, and I just got back from dropping Barbi off.  I'm trying to figure this site out all buzzed and tired.


09/13/2011 08: PM 


Make sure you send proof if you want me to whore you back. <center><a href=""><img src=""/></a><BR><center><a href="">Credit</a>


09/13/2011 08: PM 


Q. Do you use photoshop?A. No I don't I use apps and PicnikQ. Is black your real hair color?A. No, its actually dark brown.Q. Where are you from?A. Indianapolis,Indiana.Q. Can you make me a layout?A. Go google html.Q. Are you a model?A. No.Q. I can't find your add button! Can you add me?A. If you can't find it. It means your already my friend.Or just dumbQ. Send me nudes?!A. Uh, no.Q. Can you join my train/group?A. Only if its a good one.Q. Do you go to shows?A. Not really.Q. Can you post my band in a bulletin?A. If you ask nicelyQ. Do you wear extentions?A. Yes.Q. Why are you so pretty?A. Why are you so ugly?Q. Why don't you reply to any of my comments/messages?A. Cause your ether annoying or i don't have time.Q. PC4PC/W4W?A. Ask me personaly or send proof.Q. How do you do your hair?A. Uhm, go find a hair style magazine.Q. Can i Roleplay you with your pictures?A. No.

Ranandos VP

09/13/2011 01: PM 


These will look the absolute best on google chrome!These photoshop animations; or "Banners", have been all created by me. Some are from FriendProject, most are from myspace. If you would like me to make one for your group/train, please don't be afraid to comment and ask. This page will more than likely slow down your computer. If you would like to look at a certain banner, right click on the banner then click "Open in new tab/window". Vertical: Horizontal: Misc:


09/10/2011 08: PM 

w4w :]

Click pic to add :]

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